Does Alfredo Sauce Have Eggs? (Answered)

If you’re here, you likely well aware of the smooth and creamy taste of alfredo sauce but are unsure of exactly what is in it. This article will simply lay out whether alfredo sauce commonly contains eggs based on our review of store-bought, homemade, and restaurant alfredo sauces.

Store-Bought Alfredo Sauce & Eggs

Store-bought alfredo sauce commonly contains eggs as an ingredient. However, you can find some alfredo sauces that are eggless.

You can see examples below of popular jarred store-bought alfredo sauces and whether they have eggs. Of the 17 sauces featured in the table, 13 contained egg ingredients while 4 were egg-free at the time of this article.

If consuming eggs is a concern for you, it is vital to read the ingredients listed on the actual product label. Do not rely on the below or any other third party source to make your final buying decision based on ingredients.

Alfredo SauceEggs (Yes or No)?
Bertolli – Alfredo Sauce with Aged ParmesanYes
Botticelli – AlfredoYes
Buitoni – Alfredo No
Classico – Creamy AlfredoYes
DelGrosso – Classic AlfredoYes
Gia Russa – AlfredoYes
Great Value – AlfredoYes
Kroger – Traditional Alfredo Yes
Little Italy In The Bronx – AlfredoYes
Prego – Homemade AlfredoYes
Primal Kitchen – No Dairy AlfredoNo
Publix – Creamy AlfredoYes
Ragu – Classic Alfredo Yes
Rana – AlfredoNo
Rao’s – Homemade AlfredoYes
Signature Reserve – Lemon AlfredoYes
Simple Truth Organic – Classic AlfredoNo

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Homemade Alfredo Sauce & Eggs

When it comes to homemade alfredo sauce, you’ll find countless recipes online that do not call for eggs to make it. The common ingredients of homemade alfredo sauces are Parmesan cheese, butter, cream, garlic, and pepper.

If you prefer the richness and thicker texture that eggs offer in alfredo sauce, there certainly are recipes that require eggs as an ingredient. This Classic Alfredo Sauce is an example of a highly-rated recipe that uses eggs (egg yolk) to create the sauce.

Whether or not you desire eggs to be in your alfredo sauce, making your own alfredo sauce at home helps to ensure you are eating the ingredients that you want to consume considering you are in control of which ones go into your meal.

Restaurant Alfredo Sauce & Eggs

Restaurant alfredo sauces may or may not contain eggs depending on where you dine.

If you’re really strict about not eating eggs, it’s probably a good idea to avoid ordering alfredo sauce at restaurants. We’re saying this because there’s a lot that needs to go right for you to be completely sure that there are no eggs in your food.

For example, there’s a risk of cross contact in restaurant kitchens. This means that ingredients can accidentally end up in a dish from shared equipment or other ways. Also, sometimes you have to trust what the server tells you about the food, especially when the restaurant doesn’t provide written information about allergens.

The table below shows a list of popular U.S. chain Italian restaurants and whether their Fettuccine Alfredo has eggs. Again, you should eat at these restaurants at your own risk and you should certainly review the allergen information posted by the restaurant prior to ordering if you wish to strictly avoid eggs.

RestaurantDish NameEggs (Yes or No)?
Olive GardenFettuccine AlfredoNo
Carrabba’sFettuccine Alfredo SideYes
Maggiano’s Fettuccine Alfredo w/ChickenNo
Buca di BeppoFettuccine AlfredoNo
Romano’s Macaroni GrillFettuccine AlfredoNo
The Old Spaghetti FactoryFettuccine AlfredoNo
Brio Italian GrilleSpaghetti w/ AlfredoNo
Bravo!Fettucine AlfredoYes