Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese vs Butter: A Comparison

cream cheese vs butter

Question: What are the differences between cream cheese vs butter? Answer: Cream cheese and butter are often compared because of their ingredients and nutrition. This likely because they are routinely substituted for each other on bagels and other foods. Let’s take a look at their ingredients and nutrition to see which one is the healthier option. Ingredients …

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Is Cream Cheese Gluten-Free?

is cream cheese gluten free

Question: Is cream cheese gluten-free? Answer: Cream cheese naturally does not contain gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley, spelt, and other grains. The typical ingredients in cream cheese are milk, cream, cheese culture, salt, and locust bean gum, xanthan gum or carob bean gum (thickening agent). These ingredients are gluten-free. Gluten is not a …

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Cream Cheese Flavors

flavors of cream cheese

One of  the classic food combinations is cream cheese and a bagel. However, interestingly, wide-spread bagel production in the United States began only in the 1980’s. As time moved forward from the 80’s, stores mainly devoted to bagels began popping up throughout the United States. As the popularity of bagels increased, the desire for diversity in …

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Is Cream Cheese Pasteurized?

Is cream cheese pasteurized? You have probably noticed that the cream cheese section at the supermarket does not have an overwhelming selection of cream cheese brands. It’s basically Philadelphia, a couple of smaller brands, and then typically the store brand. Since there are only a few major cream cheese brands, let’s find out if they …

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Cream Cheese Brands

Brands of Cream Cheese

You probably know that when in comes to cream cheese brands, Philadelphia dominates the market. Unlike yogurt brands that are numerous, brand diversity is very thin when it comes to cream cheese. Below we compiled a list of cream cheese brands and flavors. We did not include store brand cream cheese since it is widely known that …

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