Low Sodium Cream Cheese Brands

Cream cheese is generally lower in sodium if you only consume around the two tablespoon serving size that the nutrition facts on the label are based on. We are unaware of any mainstream cream cheese brand that makes products that are specifically low sodium.

Below you will find a list of popular cream cheese products sold in U.S. grocery stores along with the sodium content in each. We listed the cream cheeses in order from least to greatest sodium content for your convenience. We hope this information helps you discover a new cream cheese that fits your dietary needs!

What is Low Sodium Cream Cheese?

As a general guide, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) indicates that foods with 5% or less daily value of sodium are considered low sodium foods. In contrast, a food containing 20% daily value or more of sodium is considered a high sodium food.

You can determine daily value percentages by looking at the nutrition label on the packaging. As you can see below, this cream cheese has 90 milligrams (mg) of sodium or 4% daily value of recommended sodium. This is a low sodium food for its 2 tablespoon serving size since its under 5% daily value of sodium at 4 %.

As you review the sodium content of the cream cheese products below, keep in mind that about 110 mg of sodium or less is within the 5% daily value of sodium to be considered low sodium. You’ll find products that are a bit above or lower than 110 mg to give readers options.

Spreadable Plain Cream Cheese Sodium Content

Here is the sodium content for popular plain soft and whipped cream cheese spreads. The sodium ranges from 70-150 milligrams for the products featured.

Cream Cheese ProductSodium(mg) in 2 Tbsp.
Nancy’s – Natural Spread40mg
Nancy’s – Organic Spread40mg
365 Whole Foods – Whipped70mg
Green Valley – Lactose-Free Spread75mg
Philadelphia – Whipped85mg
Dutch Farms – Whipped 90mg
Kroger – Original Whipped 90mg
Good & Gather – Spread90mg
Great Value – Whipped90mg
HEB – Whipped90mg
Lucerne – Whipped90mg
Meijer – Whipped90mg
Publix – Whipped90mg
Weis Market – Whipped90mg
Challenge – Whipped95mg
Clover Sonoma – Spread95mg
Clover Sonoma – Organic Spread100mg
O Organics – Spread100mg
Simple Truth Organic – Spread100mg
Crystal Farms – Original Spread105mg
Dutch Farms – Soft105mg
HEB – Neufchatel105mg
Weis Market – Soft105mg
Kroger – Spread110mg
Lucerne – Soft110mg
Meijer – Spread110mg
Organic Valley – Spread110mg
Challenge – Spread120mg
HEB – Spread120mg
Publix – Spread120mg
Tillamook – Original Spread120mg
Philadelphia – Original Spread125mg
Meijer – Light Spread140mg
365 Whole Foods – Spread150mg
Great Value – Spread150mg
**Reference the nutrition facts on the product packaging for the most accurate and up-to-date sodium content.**

Block Cream Cheese Sodium Content

Below are plain block cream cheese products along with their sodium content. Most are low sodium if you stay within the 1 ounce or about a 2 tablespoon serving size.

Cream Cheese ProductSodium(mg) in 1 oz. (about 2 Tbsp.)
True Goodness- Organic90mg
365 Whole Foods95mg
Clover Sonoma95mg
Crystal Farms – Original95mg
Good & Gather – Regular95mg
Great Value – Regular95mg
HEB – Regular95mg
Hill Country Fare – Regular95mg
Kroger – Original95mg
Lucerne – Regular95mg
O Organics – Regular95mg
Publix – Regular95mg
Simple Truth Organic 95mg
Weis – Regular95mg
Weis – Neufchatel95mg
GreenWise – Organic100mg
Organic Valley – Regular100mg
Hill Country Fare – Neufchatel105mg
Kroger – Neufchatel105mg
Dutch Farms – Regular105mg
Crystal Farms – Neufchatel105mg
Lucerne – Neufchatel105mg
Publix – Neufchatel105mg
Dutch Farms – Neufchatel110mg
Philadelphia – Original 110mg
Philadelphia – Neufchatel120mg
**Reference the nutrition facts on the product packaging for the most accurate and up-to-date sodium content.**

Flavored Cream Cheese Sodium Content

There are several flavored cream cheese brands that have a lower sodium content as displayed below. Quite a few even have 100 mg or less of sodium per serving.

Cream Cheese ProductSodium(mg) in 2 Tbsp.
Meijer – Whipped Strawberry60mg
Great Value – Whipped Strawberry65mg
Nancy’s – Organic Garlic & Herb70mg
Philadelphia – Whipped Mixed Berry75mg
Great Value – Mixed Berry80mg
Good & Gather – Strawberry85mg
Great Value – Brown Sugar & Cinnamon85mg
Great Value – Strawberry 85mg
HEB – Strawberry 85mg
Lucerne – Strawberry85mg
Meijer – Strawberry85mg
Publix – Strawberry85mg
Dutch Farms – Strawberry90mg
Philadelphia – Whipped Chive95mg
Philadelphia – Blueberry100mg
Philadelphia – Brown Sugar & Cinnamon100mg
Philadelphia – Honey Pecan100mg
Philadelphia – Pineapple100mg
Philadelphia – Pumpkin Spice100mg
Philadelphia – Honey Butter110mg
Philadelphia – Strawberry105mg
Tillamook – Seriously Strawberry105mg
Tillamook – Chive & Onion 120mg
Great Value – Chive & Onion140mg
HEB – Chive & Onion140mg
Lucerne – Chive & Onion140mg
Philadelphia – Garlic & Herb140mg
Publix – Chive & Onion140mg
Lucerne – Garden Vegetables150mg
Philadelphia – Buffalo Style150mg
Philadelphia – Chive & Onion150mg
Great Value – Garden Vegetable150mg
Meijer – Garden Vegetable150mg
Publix – Garden Vegetable150mg

Recommended Sodium Per Day

Americans overconsume sodium. The FDA indicates that the average is 3,400 mg per day. However, the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that adults consume less than 2,300 mg per day. Your doctor may recommend even fewer milligrams of sodium based on your health circumstances.

While cream cheese is generally low in sodium if you stick to a two tablespoon serving size, it easy to get carried away. You may wish to measure out your cream cheese if you are watching your sodium intake until you can visually determine serving sizes.

Low Sodium Cream Cheese Alternative

If the above cream cheeses have too much sodium for your needs, you may consider using mascarpone cheese. Mascarpone is a type of Italian cheese that has a high-fat content, typically around 70%, but is low in sodium.

Mascarpone cheese is made from fresh cream, which is gently heated and then combined with an acid such as citric acid, tartaric acid, or lemon juice to cause it to curdle. The curds are then drained and pressed, resulting in a soft and smooth cheese with a texture similar to that of cream cheese.

Mascarpone cheese has a rich, creamy, and slightly sweet flavor with a smooth and velvety texture. Its taste is mild, with a subtle tanginess that is similar to cream cheese, but it is less tangy.

The sodium content of mascarpone cheese can vary depending on the brand and the recipe used to make it. However, in general, 2 tablespoons (about 28 grams) of mascarpone cheese typically contains around 20-30 milligrams of sodium. This is much less than the 70+ milligrams of sodium in cream cheese.

Final Thoughts

Not all cream cheese products are the same when it comes to their sodium content. You can use the above information to select a lower sodium cream cheese, however, be sure to verify its sodium content using the nutrition facts on the label. No online 3rd party source will be more accurate than what is printed on the label.

If cream cheese is too high in sodium for your diet, you may wish to consider using mascarpone cheese as an alternative. It typically has much lower sodium compared to cream cheese and is somewhat comparable in taste.