Cream Cheese Flavors

flavors of cream cheese

One of  the classic food combinations is cream cheese and a bagel. However, interestingly, wide-spread bagel production in the United States began only in the 1980’s. As time moved forward from the 80’s, stores mainly devoted to bagels began popping up throughout the United States. As the popularity of bagels increased, the desire for diversity in cream cheese flavors also increased. People were thinking outside of plain cream cheese and were seeking flavors with unique tastes.

The dominating force behind cream cheese production is Philadelphia. If you have ever taken a close look at the grocery store cream cheese section you probably have realized that they have control of the cream cheese market. They also supply a decent variety of cream cheese flavors.

Below we have provided a list of cream cheese flavors by brand.  Hopefully, this makes it easier for you to find various flavors by brand. Note that we have also included non-dairy cream cheese brands as noted next to the brand name below. Let us know in the comments if you have a cream cheese flavor/brand to add to the list so we can update the list.

Remember that it is easy to create your own flavor just by mixing the ingredients into a plain cream cheese. Obviously, you aren’t limited to only what the manufacturers produce, so feel free to be creative.

Philadelphia– plain, chives & onion, garden vegetable, strawberry, bacon, black cherry, brown sugar & cinnamon, chipotle, deli style, olive, peach, pumpkin spice, salmon, blueberry, dark chocolate, honey nut, jalapeno, caramel white chocolate, milk chocolate, pineapple, neufchatel

Berkey Creamery – plain, blueberry, honey, strawberry, light veggie spread

Braum’s – plain

Cabot – plain

Challenge Dairy– plain, neufchatel, strawberry, salsa

Daiya (Dairy-Free) – plain, strawberry, chive & onion

Green Mountain Farms (Cream Cheese & Greek Yogurt) – plain, strawberry, blueberry, onion & chive

Green Valley Organic (Lactose-Free) – plain

Hahn’s– plain, jalapeno, strawberry, onion & chive, neuftchatel

Horizon Organic – original

Kate Hill (Almond Milk Based) – plain, chive

Nancy’s – plain

Organic Valley – Neufchatel, plain

Sierra Nevada – garlic & herbs

Vegan Gourmet (Dairy-Free) – plain

Zingerman’s – plain