24 Cream Cheese Flavors & Brands That Make Them

One of  the classic food combinations is cream cheese and a bagel. However, interestingly, wide-spread bagel production in the United States began only in the 1980s.

As time moved on from the 80s, stores mainly devoted to bagels began popping up throughout the United States. As the popularity of bagels increased, the desire for diversity in cream cheese flavors also increased. People were thinking outside of plain cream cheese and were seeking flavors with unique tastes.

The dominate force behind cream cheese production is Philadelphia. If you have ever taken a close look at the grocery store cream cheese section, you probably realized that it is largely controlled of the cream cheese market. They also supply a decent variety of cream cheese flavors.

Below we have provided a list of cream cheese flavors by brand.  The first table below shows flavors and brands of cream cheese with dairy while the second table reflects dairy-free cream cheese alternatives. Hopefully, this makes it easier for you to find a flavor to try!

Remember that it is easy to create your own flavor just by mixing the ingredients into a plain cream cheese. Obviously, you aren’t limited to only what the manufacturers produce, so feel free to be creative!

Cream Cheese Flavors

BlueberryBerkey Creamery, Philadelphia
Brown Sugar & CinnamonGreat Value, Philadelphia
ChiveLucerne, Philadelphia
Chive & OnionGreat Value, Hahn’s, Lucerne, Philadelphia, Prairie Farms, Publix, Tillamook
FigBelle Chevre
Garlic & HerbNancy’s, Philadelphia
HoneyBelle Chevre, Berkey Creamery
Honey ButterPhiladelphia
Honey PecanPhiladelphia
Honey VanillaPrairie Farms
JalapenoHahn’s, Philadelphia
Jalapeno HoneyTillamook
Roasted Red PepperPhiladelphia
Sea Salt CaramelPrairie Farms
Smoked SalmonPhiladelphia
StrawberryBerkey Creamery, Good & Gather, Great Value, Hahn’s, Lucerne, Philadelphia, Prairie Farms, Tillamook
Mixed BerryGreat Value, Philadelphia
PlainBerkey Creamery, Cabot, Challenge, Good & Gather, Great Value, Green Valley Organic (Lactose-Free), GreenWise, Hahn’s, Lucerne, Nancy’s, O Organics, Organic Valley, Philadelphia, Prairie Farms, Publix, Sierra Nevada, Simple Truth, Temp Tee, Tillamook
Pumpkin SpicePhiladelphia
VeggieBerkey Creamery, Great Value, Lucerne, Philadelphia, Prairie Farms, Tillamook

Dairy-Free Cream Cheese Flavors

Cinnamon RaisinMiyoko’s
ChiveKite Hill, Violife
Chive & OnionDaiya, Oatly, Philadelphia
EverythingKite Hill, Miyoko’s
PlainDaiya, Follow Your Heart, Kite Hill, Philadelphia, Miyoko’s, Oatly, Tofutti, Violife
Roasted Garlic & HerbsDaiya
StrawberryKite Hill, Philadelphia, Violife
VeggieKite Hill

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