Ice cream

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Brands

Cookies and cream (also known as cookies ‘n cream) is commonly ranked as one of the favorite ice cream flavors ever. Generally, it is vanilla ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreos or a similar cookie) crumbled into the vanilla. Debatably, South Dakota State University stakes claim to inventing this amazing ice cream. According to …

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Peppermint Ice Cream Brands

Peppermint ice cream starts to become popular around late October and peaks in popularity in December. Naturally, many people begin to hunt for various peppermint ice cream brands during this time because of the holiday season. If you are reading this article, we are speculating that you are doing so within one of the popular …

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What Is Blue Moon Ice Cream?

what is blue moon ice cream

Question: What is Blue Moon ice cream? Answer: Blue Moon was created in the Midwest but specifically where is a mystery. It is a popular ice cream flavor in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and other surrounding states. Blue Moon is often found in a carton form at the grocery store or featured as a flavor in Midwestern …

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What Flavor Is Superman Ice Cream?

superman ice cream flavors

Question: What flavor is superman ice cream? Answer: Superman ice cream was one of my favorite desserts when I was growing up.  However, my parents never bought it at the store for us kids. I remember we frequently had less kid-friendly flavors around the house like butter pecan or some chocolate flavor that my dad loved. …

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Is Ice Cream Dairy?

Question: Is Ice Cream Dairy? Answer: In order for a food to be considered a dairy product it must be derived from milk or cream. Ice cream is considered dairy because it is primarily made from cream. The FDA requires U.S. ice cream to contain at least 10 percent milkfat and not less than 10 percent …

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Carbs in Frozen Yogurt

carbs in frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is thought to be a healthier option in comparison to ice cream and other desserts. Generally, this is true assuming the frozen yogurt is not topped with unhealthy additions. Additionally, not all frozen yogurt is the same in terms of ingredients. The carbs in frozen yogurt are primarily impacted by the added sugar content. While …

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