Breyers Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream Review

Sealed Carton of Breyers Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream

Breyers Vanilla Chocolate is a combination of natural vanilla and chocolate ice creams in one carton. The flavors aren’t mixed or swirled together. Rather, half of the tub is vanilla while the other half is chocolate. Imagine it as Neapolitan ice cream without the strawberry ice cream.

Considering that vanilla and chocolate are the two most popular individual ice cream flavors, I can see where some people might enjoy both flavors in the same bowl. If your family is like mine, we have some people that prefer vanilla while others prefer chocolate. This ice cream makes it possible not to potentially overspend on two cartons.

Nevertheless, let’s get into how this ice cream actually tastes.

Review: Breyers Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream

In short, it’s a little better than just okay!

The chocolate ice cream has a pleasant Dutch chocolate taste. The chocolate flavor is strong but not overpowering.

However, the problem with the chocolate flavor is that it lacks the creaminess found in higher quality ice creams.

It’s certainly not bad. Most people aren’t going to complain about it or push it to the side if it is served to them. I’d say the chocolate ice cream is a step above average. It’s delicious but many people would say they’ve had better.

It’s a versatile tasting flavor that would work wonderful for shakes, topping additions, or alongside a piece of cake. However, it wouldn’t be the first chocolate ice cream I’d pick to eat on its own.

The vanilla ice cream in this duo flavor has specks of vanilla bean which provide a medium-level of vanilla flavor. The ice cream is creamy but has a slight watery taste to it that you don’t get with more premium vanilla ice creams.

If you take a look around the internet you’ll see comments that Breyers vanilla tastes like “frozen Cool Whip”. I wouldn’t go that far but I can somewhat understand how people can come to that conclusion.

The vanilla does have a bit of an aftertaste that I speculate is from the tara gum used as a stabilizer/thickener. It’s a slight pasty or chalky taste that is subtle but certainly a factor in my mind. I’m not sure if this is where the “Cool Whip” comparison comes from but its worth noting.


I give Breyers Vanilla Chocolate ice cream 6.7 out of 10 stars. Both the chocolate and vanilla ice creams taste slightly above your average grocery store varieties of the flavors.

Most people will eat this ice cream, think its pretty good, and not complain.

However, I don’t think its the type of ice cream you’d be dying to have your friends and family try because it so damn good. It’s a respectable middle of the road quality ice cream.

I paid around $3.50 for this carton on sale. Would I buy it again at this price? Maybe, like once or twice a year. There are just too many tastier ice creams out there, even in Breyers lineup of flavors, for me to consider this one on a routine basis. I certainly wouldn’t ever pay the $5.00+ full price for it.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you. Comment below if you have thoughts on this ice cream or Breyers! We have no connection to Breyers (which should be obvious by reading the article) so feel free to be honest about what you think about it.

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