Vanilla Ice Cream Brands: The A to Z Giant List

According to National Geographic, vanilla ice cream was invented by the French sometime in the 18th Century. The first known recorded American recipe for this ice cream flavor was by Thomas Jefferson in the 1780s.

It is believed that Jefferson acquired the recipe during his travels to France between 1784 and 1789. According to scholars at Monticello, Jefferson likely helped popularize vanilla ice cream in America by serving it to guests while president.

Today, its no secret that vanilla ice cream is extremely popular given its versatility. It’s perfect on its own, with ice cream toppings, alongside pie, inside milkshakes, and for much more. In fact, most lists that rank ice cream flavors place vanilla at the top with chocolate coming in at a close second in terms of popularity.

Here you’ll find what is likely the most comprehensive list of vanilla ice cream brands on the internet along with the types of vanilla each brand produces. That being said, we are certain that we missed several brands out there. Maybe even some obvious ones!

If you know of a vanilla ice cream brand we missed or notice a correction that is needed, please leave a comment at the end of this article with the details. We will update this article based on any relevant comment information.

Vanilla Ice Cream Brands

BrandVanilla Ice CreamWebsite
Acme ValleyVanilla
Alden’s OrganicFrench Vanilla, Old Fashioned Vanilla, Vanilla
Aldous (UK brand)Traditional
Alec’sTahitian Vanilla
Arethusa FarmOld Fashioned
Ashby’s SterlingVanilla, French Vanilla, Philly Vanilly (Vanilla Bean), No Sugar Added + Low Fat
Bassett’sFrench Vanilla,
Ben & Jerry’
Berkey Creamery at Penn StateVanilla
Best YetNatural Vanilla, French
Blue BellHomemade Vanilla, French Vanilla, Natural Vanilla Bean, Country Vanilla No Sugar Added
Blue BunnyHomemade Vanilla, Soft Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla
Blue Marble Organic Just
Blue Ribbon ClassicsFrench Vanilla, Homemade Vanilla,
Braum’sFrench Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla No Sugar Added, Vanilla Bean No Sugar Added, Homestyle
BreyersExtra Creamy Vanilla, French Vanilla, Homemade Vanilla, Natural Vanilla, Non-Dairy Oatmilk, CarbSmart Vanilla, Lactose Free Vanilla, No Sugar Added
Brigham’sVanilla, Vanilla
BrownDog CreameryVanilla
ByrneFrench Vanilla, Triple Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla
CalderFrench Vanilla,
Carte D’Or (UK brand)Madagascan Vanilla, Madagascan Vanilla
Cedar CrestChurned Vanilla, Deluxe Vanilla, French Vanilla, Natural Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla
Central DairyFrench Vanilla, Vanilla, Very
Chapman’s (Canadian Brand)French Vanilla, Vanilla Trilogy, Vanilla, No Sugar Added
Coaticook (Canadian Brand)
Cosmic Bliss Organic Grass-Fed Vanilla Bean, Organic Plant-Based Madagascan Vanilla
Crystal CreameryClassic Vanilla, Double Vanilla, French Vanilla, Lite Homestyle Churned Vanilla, No Sugar Added
Dean’s Country FreshVanilla, Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla, Homemade Vanilla, Triple Play Vanilla, New York Golden Vanilla Reduced Fat, Vanilla Reduced
Double RainbowFrench Vanilla, Non-Dairy Vanilla
Edy’s/Dryer’sFrench Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Slow Churned Classic Vanilla, Slow Churned French Vanilla, Slow Churned Vanilla Bean, Slow Churned No Sugar Added or
Fat BoyMadagascar
Friendly’sFrench Vanilla, Homstyle Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla
Funny Farm (Goat Milk Ice Cream)Vanilla Snowflake
Gelato Boy Vanilla
Gifford’sOld Fashioned
Goodness DairyFrench Vanilla
Graeter’sMadagascar Vanilla
Green’sVanilla, Homemade
Guernsey Farms DairyFrench Vanilla, Vanilla, No Sugar Added
Häagen-DazsVanilla, Vanilla
HaganHomemade Vanilla, French Vanilla, Pennsylvania
Halo TopVanilla
Herrell’sVanilla, French Vanilla, High Definition Vanilla, Kentucky Bourbon Vanilla, Malted Vanilla, Private Stock Vanilla, Triple
Hershey’sFrench Vanilla, Vanilla, Reduced Fat No Sugar Added
HilandVanilla, Homemade Vanilla, Natural Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla, Old Fashioned Vanilla, No Sugar Added
Homemade BrandFrench Vanilla, Natural Vanilla Bean,
HoodBoston Vanilla Bean, Golden Vanilla, New England Style Vanilla, Homemade Style Vanilla, Vanilla
Ice Cream For Bears Queen & Bean Vanilla Bean (wildflower honey sweetened)
Island Farms (Canada)Classic Vanilla, Classic Golden Vanilla, Vanilla + French Vanilla, Country Cream French
Jude’s (UK brand)Clotted Cream
Kawartha Dairy (Canada)French Vanilla, Vanilla, Lactose Free
Kelly’s (UK brand)Dairy
KempsHeavenly Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla, Vanilla Custard, New York Vanilla, Homemade Vanilla, French Vanilla, No Sugar Added
KleinsClassic Vanilla, Classic Reduced Fat
Lactaid Lactose-Free
Madison BrownVanilla
Main Avenue CreameryVanilla
Mammoth CreameriesVanilla Bean Frozen
Mayfield CreameryFrench Vanilla, Homemade Vanilla, Signature Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla (No Sugar Added)
McConnell’sGolden State Vanilla, Vanilla
Meadow GoldVanilla, Real Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla, Old Fashioned Recipe
Nancy’s FancyBourbon Vanilla Bean
Nestle Parlour (Canada)Vanilla, French
Nestle Real Dairy (Canada)Natural Vanilla, French Vanilla, 50% Less Fat
Norfolk CountyFrench
Organic MeadowOrganic
Perry’sFrench Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla
Pierre’sClassic Vanilla, French Vanilla, HomeStyle French Vanilla, HomeStyle Vanilla, HomeStyle Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Lactose Free Vanilla, No Sugar Added
Prairie FarmsVanilla Bean, Vanilla, French Vanilla, Homemade Vanilla, Light Vanilla, Light Country
President Choice (Canada)Vanilla, French Vanilla, Cream First, Madagascar Bourbon
Purity Homemade Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Light & Creamy, Vanilla No Sugar
Ray’sFrench Vanilla,
Red Button CreameryCanadian
RoseBudFancy A**
Salt & StrawDouble Fold
Schoep’sUff Da Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Classic
Shatto Milk
Smith’sDouble Vanilla, Old Fashioned Vanilla,
South Mountain CreameryIndonesian Vanilla Bean,
Stewart’s ShopsVanilla, French Vanilla, Philly Vanilla, Vanilla
Stone Ridge CreameryVanilla, Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla, Double Vanilla, New York Vanilla, , Slow Churned Light Vanilla, Slow Churned Light Vanilla
Straus Family Creamery Organic Vanilla
Stroh’sFrench Vanilla,
Taharka Brothers
TalentiMadagascan Vanilla
Teo GelatoTexican
TillamookFrench Vanilla, Old-Fashioned Vanilla, Vanilla
Turkey HillFrench Vanilla, Homemade Vanilla, Original Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, No Sugar Added Vanilla
Two SpoonsVanilla Bean (Keto)
UmpquaFrench Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, No Sugar Vanilla, Lite Vanilla
United Dairy FarmersGolden Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla
Van LeeuwenVanilla
VelvetOld Tyme Vanilla, Original Vanilla, Vanilla Lovers
Wall’s (UK brand)Soft Scoop Vanilla, Soft Scoop Vanilla
Whitey’sFrench Vanilla,
Yarnell’sHomemade Vanilla, Real
Yeo Valley (OK brand)Organic

Vanilla Ice Cream: Store Brands

BrandVanilla Ice CreamWhere Sold?
365 By Whole FoodsVanilla, Organic Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Bean (Non-Dairy, Almond Milk)Whole Foods
Bowl & BasketVanilla, Vanilla BeanShopRite
Buehler’sVanilla BeanBuehler’s
Favorite DayHomemade Vanilla, Vanilla BeanTarget
GelatelliHomestyle Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Light VanillaLidl
Giant EagleVanilla, Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla, Triple Vanilla, Light VanillaGiant Eagle
GoldenbrookVanilla, Homemade Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, No Sugar Added Reduced Fat VanillaBrookshire’s
Great ValueHomestyle Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, VanillaWalmart
GreenWise Organic VanillaPublix
HannafordVanilla, Vanilla Bean, French VanillaHannaford
Harris TeeterVanilla, Vanilla Bean, All Natural VanillaHarris Teeter
HEB Creamy Creations1905 Vanilla, Homemade Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Light Vanilla, No Sugar Added Light VanillaHEB
Hill Country FareVanillaHEB
It’s Your ChurnVanilla Bean, Vanilla, Homemade VanillaHy-Vee
KirklandSuper Premium VanillaCostco
Kroger DeluxeVividly Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla, Churned Light Vanilla, Churned Vividly Vanilla, Churned No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Lactose-FreeKroger
Lucerne VanillaSafeway & subsidiaries
Market PantryLight VanillaTarget
Member’s MarkVanillaSam’s Club
Ms MollySoft Scoop VanillaTesco
PICSVanilla, Vanilla Bean, French VanillaPrice Chopper
Piggly WigglyVanilla, Homemade VanillaPiggly Wiggly
Preferred SelectionSuper Premium VanillaLidl
Private SelectionVanilla Bean, Double Vanilla, Classic Country Vanilla, Double VanillaKroger
PublixClassic Vanilla, French Vanilla, Homemade Style Vanilla, Light VanillaPublix
Purple CowVanilla, Vanilla Bean, Golden Vanilla, Light Churned Vanilla, Zero Added Sugar VanillaMeijer
SE GrocersFrench Vanilla, Homestyle Vanilla, Vanilla, 99% Lactose Free VanillaWinn Dixie & Harveys
Signature SelectVanilla, Homestyle Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla, Churned Light Vanilla Bean
Albertsons & associated stores
Simple TruthOrganic Vanilla, Vanilla No Sugar AddedKroger
SchnucksHomemade Vanilla, French Vanilla, Vanilla BeanSchnucks
Specially SelectedSuper Premium VanillaAldi
Sprouts Organic Vanilla GelatoSprouts
Stop & ShopVanilla, Vanilla Bean, Churn Style Light VanillaStop & Shop
Sundae ShoppeVanilla Bean, Light VanillaAldi
TescoVanilla, Madagascar VanillaTesco
Trader Joe’sFrench VanillaTrader Joe’s
WaitroseMadagascar Vanilla, Vanilla, Ducy Organic Vanilla, Scoop Scoop VanillaWaitrose
We All Scream!Vanilla, New York VanillaHy-Vee
Wegmans Madagascar Vanilla, Vanilla, French Vanilla, Light Vanilla, Lactose Free Vanilla, No Sugar Added Vanilla, Light French Vanilla, Vanilla Bean (Almondmilk/plant-based)Wegmans
Weis QualityVanilla, Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla, No Sugar Added VanillaWeis Markets

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