Lactose-Free Yogurt Brands

If you’re a yogurt lover who is lactose intolerant, you might have wondered how it’s possible to enjoy this delicious dairy product without experiencing unpleasant symptoms like upset stomach, gas, and diarrhea. After all, yogurt is made from milk, which naturally contains lactose – a sugar that can be difficult for many people to digest. …

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Siggi’s Nutrition Facts

Siggi's Nutrition

Siggi’s is an Icelandic-style yogurt or skyr that is manufactured in New York. It is an all-natural yogurt made with real fruit when used as an ingredient. As you will see below, Siggi’s is high in protein per serving size. Additionally, the calories are reasonable, especially if you eat nonfat or low-fat products. The company …

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Simple Spicy Greek Yogurt Dip

Below is a tasty Greek yogurt dip that is easy enough for just about anyone. Simply open a plain single-serve (5.3oz) Greek yogurt, add a hot sauce like Frank’s Red Hot or Sriracha, sprinkle in some garlic powder, and stir. It is that easy. The amount of hot sauce will depend on your desired level of …

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Icelandic Yogurt Explained

Icelandic yogurt, also known as Skyr, is thicker than Greek yogurt and very high in protein. It is thick to the point where some people like to thin it out with added milk. However, we love it just the way it is! Icelandic yogurt is typically made from non-fat milk and live cultures. However, brands …

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Is Greek Yogurt Fattening?

Greek Yogurt Fattening

Greek yogurt started to become the cool kid in about 2009 with its popularity spiking over recent years. There are now whole sections of the grocery store devoted to just Greek yogurt. As the number of Greek yogurt products have rapidly increased, so to has the confusion over which products are healthy or unhealthy. It …

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Is Greek Yogurt Paleo?

The Paleo diet looks to mirror the way cavemen ate during the Paleolithic era (the beginning of human life to about 12,000 years ago). So how exactly did they eat? They ate foods that were available through hunting or gathering. These foods included meats, eggs, shellfish, plants, vegetables, nuts, seeds and oils like olive and …

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