Organic Yogurt Brands: 13 Must-Try Options

Organic yogurt has become an increasingly popular choice among health conscious consumers in recent years with sales of it on the rise. In fact, organic yogurt is expected to be one of the fastest growing segments of all dairy products over the next decade.

While we are certainly blessed with the number of organic yogurt brands in the United States and beyond, we expect more brands, products, and flavors to emerge as the popularity of this type of yogurt expands.

Before we look too far into the future, let’s take a look at what is available now. Here are some of the most popular organic yogurt brands being sold in the United States. We hope this information helps you discover a new brand to try and enjoy for many years ahead!

Brands of Organic Yogurt



Alexandre Family Farm has been a California organic dairy farm since being certified in 2001. They now run five regenerative organic dairies where A2/A2 dairy cows are able to graze in open pastures. According to the University of Minnesota, A2 milk is potentially easier to digest by humans and may have other potential health benefits. Alexander makes 100% grass-fed organic yogurt available in plain and vanilla. They also produce a 6% plain yogurt that is not 100% grass-fed.

Bellweather Farms


Bellweather Farms out of Sonoma County, California specializes in organic sheep milk yogurt. This type of yogurt is believed to be more digestible compared to the typical cow’s milk yogurt. Current flavors include plain, vanilla, strawberry, and blackberry.

Bellweather also makes A2 Organic yogurt made from grass-fed cow’s milk. The A2 protein produced by the Jersey cow’s for the milk to make the yogurt is said to be easier for many people to digest. Flavors include plain, vanilla, strawberry, and blackberry.

Butterworks Farm


Butterworks Farms has been operating in Vermont since 1976. Its yogurt is made from the milk derived from Jersey cows that graze on the 400 acres of pastures and hayfields. The cows produce a high-butterfat milk that helps make delicious yogurt and other dairy. The flavors of yogurt made at the time of this article were plain, vanilla, maple, and lemon.

Clover Sonoma


Clover Sonoma sources its milk from family-owned farms located in Northern California where cows graze on lush organic pastures and are never given artificial hormones. They offer a range of yogurt flavors, including classic options like plain and vanilla, as well as some of the tasty but more uncommon flavors like forest berry and lemon. Clover Sonoma makes low-fat traditional, nonfat Greek, whole milk Greek, and cream top yogurts, which all contain beneficial live cultures.

Green Valley Creamery


This company specializes in making organic lactose-free dairy, including lactose-free yogurt. Green Valley incorporates an enzyme called lactase into their dairy processing to break down lactose and create dairy products that can be consumed by people with lactose intolerance. The organic yogurt comes in several flavors, including plain, vanilla, strawberry, and blueberry.

Kalona SuperNatural


Kolona Supernatural sources its milk from small family-owned farms in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois. They are known for making 100% grass-fed cream top yogurt made from non-homogenized and low-temperature pasteurized organic milk. Its yogurt products include organic whole milk honey yogurt, organic whole milk plain yogurt, and organic whole milk vanilla yogurt.

Maple Hill


This organic yogurt is made from the milk of 100% grass-fed cows. They are fed only organic grass and hay for better health of the animals, which enables them to make nutritious and delicious tasting milk. Of course, there is nothing artificial in this yogurt including no GMOs as you should expect from an organic yogurt. The yogurt products made by Maple Hill are plain & vanilla Greek and cream on top plain & vanilla yogurt.



Nancy’s is a popular brand of yogurt known for using high-quality, organic ingredients in its products. Made from fresh, organic milk and live, active cultures, Nancy’s yogurt is free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, making it a healthy and delicious snack option.

The brand doesn’t offer a huge assortment of flavors but its high-quality ingredients sets it a part from many others. Each yogurt is packed with probiotics, protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients for a nutritious snack. Nancy’s makes organic yogurt, organic 100% grass-fed yogurt, and organic probiotic Greek yogurt.

Seven Stars Farm


Seven Stars Farm is a small, family-owned dairy farm located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The farm is committed to using sustainable and organic farming practices, which includes feeding their cows a diet of organic grass and hay, and avoiding the use of antibiotics and hormones. The yogurt is a bit thinner in texture than the norm since no thickens are used. Seven Stars Farm offers a variety of yogurt flavors, including plain, vanilla. maple, and lemon, all of which are free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.



Straus Family Creamery is a well-known and respected brand of yogurt and other dairy that has been committed to using sustainable and organic practices for around three decades. In fact, it was the first 100% certified organic creamery in the U.S., according to the company. The creamery’s yogurt is made from fresh, organic milk sourced from family farms located in Northern California.

Straus specializes in Greek and European styles of yogurt. Select its European yogurt if you prefer a thinner yogurt that is creamy and tart. For a thicker texture, opt for the Greek yogurt which is loaded with active live cultures like the European yogurt. Both varieties are made with organic nonfat, lowfat, or whole milk.



Stonyfield was launched in 1983 by Samuel Kaymen and Gary Hirshberg who were operating a New Hampshire nonprofit organic farming school prior to opening the business. In order to keep the school running, they began to produce organic yogurt from their seven cow’s, which was the catalyst for the business we know today.

Stonyfield makes a variety of organic nonfat, low-fat, and full fat yogurt products. The types of yogurt made are fruit on the bottom, smooth & creamy, Greek, and 100% grass-fed.



Wallaby Organic Yogurt is a popular brand of organic yogurt that prides itself on using only the freshest organic ingredients in its products. The company’s yogurt is made from organic milk sourced from USDA certified organic farms located in the United States. The yogurt is produced using traditional methods to create a rich and creamy texture. Wallaby offers Greek nonfat, low-fat, whole milk, an no sugar added Aussie-inspired yogurts. They also make whole milk yogurts.

White Mountain


White Mountain Bulgarian Organic Yogurt is a premium brand of yogurt known for its unique and authentic taste. It is made from the beneficial bacteria known as L. Bulgaricus, which is also produce naturally in the digestive tract. White Mountain is produced using traditonal Bulgarian yogurt methods for inoculation, fermentation, and storage. The result is a an enjoyable tart yogurt that is very similar to what is found in Eastern European.

The organic yogurt is available in non-fat and whole milk varieties. Be sure not to mix it up the organic yogurt with the non-organic since the packaging looks similar as picture above.