Ice Cream or Root Beer First?:The Great Root Beer Float Debate

There has always been somewhat of a debate when it comes to whether to add the ice cream or the root beer first when making a root beer float. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the arguments for and against each approach. From there, you can decide which method to take to make your own float. If you already have a preferred method, vote for it in our poll at the end of this short article!

Method #1: Ice Cream Before Root Beer

Let’s consider the case for adding the ice cream first. The main argument here is that by putting the ice cream in the glass before pouring the root beer, you can achieve a creamier and more consistent texture. The ice cream will start to melt slightly as you pour in the root beer, creating a smooth and frothy mixture. A generous foam head will form on the top which many people desire.

Additionally, this method better protects against a mess from potentially happening. Placing the ice cream in first allows you to gentle pour the root beer over the ice cream to ensure there is no overflow or splashing. When ice cream is added after the root beer, it is much easier for the heavy scoop of ice cream to plop down into the root beer causing the liquid to go all over the place. You also have to worry about the root beer overflowing if the glass contains too much root beer.

Method #2: Root Beer Before Ice Cream

An argument for adding the root beer before ice cream is that it cuts down on the head of foam that develops near the rim of the glass. If you’re not a fan of an abundance of foam, add the root beer first.

There is another theory that adding root beer before ice cream allows for more carbonation to remain. If you put the ice cream in first, it will reportedly take up some of the space in the glass and make it harder for the root beer to bubble and fizz. By adding the root beer first, you can purportedly ensure that the soda stays carbonated and that you get that satisfying burst of bubbles with each sip.

We’re not so sure of this theory since we noticed no difference when we tried it. However, it’s something you might considering experiment with if you love carbonation.

Poll: Ice Cream or Root Beer First?

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