Sour Cream

Why Does Sour Cream Get Watery?

Sour cream is typically creamy, thick, and smooth straight from the store. However, once you use it for your meals and let it sit in the refrigerator for some time, something commonly happens to it. A watery substance forms on the surface. Many people find this substance undesirable or simply disgusting. Let us explain what …

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Greek Yogurt vs Sour Cream

Greek Yogurt vs Sour Cream

We have decided to do an article on Greek yogurt vs sour cream since the two are often compared.  Many people will substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream because their taste and texture are similar, but that depends on who you ask. One cup sour cream can be substituted for one cup Greek yogurt, which makes …

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Sour Cream vs Butter

butter vs sour cream

You may have wondered the difference between sour cream vs butter when it comes to topping something like a baked potato. Both are dairy products but they are different in their ingredients, nutrition, and how they are made. Let’s dig into the differences between sour cream vs butter. Ingredients Sour Cream: Sour cream can simply be …

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