Sour Cream

Sour Cream vs Butter

butter vs sour cream

You may have wondered the difference between sour cream vs butter when it comes to topping something like a baked potato. Both are dairy products but they are different in their ingredients, nutrition, and how they are made. Let’s dig into the differences between sour cream vs butter. Ingredients Sour Cream: Sour cream can simply be …

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Is Sour Cream Dairy?

sour cream milk

Question: Is sour cream dairy? Answer: We love sour cream for things like baked potatoes, nachos, and dips. While many people enjoy the tangy and creamy flavors of sour cream, some aren’t quite sure of its exact ingredients. Specifically, many people wonder if sour cream contains dairy. Yes, sour cream is a dairy product. Sour …

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Carbs In Sour Cream

sour cream carbs

Sour cream is made from only cultured cream in its simplest form. The carbs in sour cream are low because sugar is not added to the product. However, sour cream does contain some natural sugar from the cream. This natural sugar in milk or cream is known as lactose. Below we have provided information on …

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Calories In Sour Cream

light sour cream calories

The calories in sour cream depend on the type of sour cream that you choose. The three common types of sour cream are regular, light (low-fat), and fat-free. Regular sour cream contains more calories because it is made from a higher milkfat cream/milk than lower fat sour cream varieties. Low-fat and fat-free sour cream are …

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Does Sour Cream Have Eggs?

Does sour cream have eggs? Sour cream is commonly made from cultured cream, milk, and additives and thickeners. Thickeners and additives might include gelatin, rennet, carrageenan, sodium citrate, and others. Generally, there are no eggs in sour cream because it is not a necessary ingredient. However, be sure review the ingredients of the sour cream …

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