How Much Sodium In Sour Cream?

sodium in sour creamSour cream is tough to beat when it comes to topping foods like baked potatoes or nachos. Its tangy and creamy flavor can take a dish to the next level in terms of taste. However, just by speculating we would guess that most people don’t give a thought to the sodium in sour cream. After all, most people wouldn’t think of sour cream as a high sodium food because it just doesn’t taste salty in comparison to other foods. Let’s see if the sodium in sour cream is significant to be a concern for people watching their sodium intake.

As you can see in the below table, sour cream has between 7 to 34 milligrams of sodium per two tablespoons. If you are strictly watching your sodium consumption and wish to eat sour cream, it may be best to opt for the full-fat variety which contains 27 milligrams less sodium than the fat-free sour cream. Overall, sour cream does not have an excessive amount of sodium assuming you are eating it in moderation. As with many foods, if you over do it with the serving size of sour cream, sodium starts to become a factor.

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*Nutritional facts are via the USDA Food Composition Databases