Sour Cream

Does Sour Cream Go Bad?

does sour cream go bad

Does Sour Cream Expire? Sour cream is one of those products that isn’t necessarily consumed quickly like milk. It tends to be used for things like topping a plate of nachos or making a small dip. It then goes back into the refrigerator and sits, sometimes for a long time. You might have asked yourself …

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Is Sour Cream Pasteurized?

is daisy sour cream pasteurized

Pasteurization involves the heating of a liquid to kill off bacteria to make it safe for consumption. When thinking of dairy, it is the milk or cream that gets pasteurized to remove potentially harmful microorganisms or pathogens. Heat temperatures range from 145°F  (Vat Pasteurization) to 280°F (Ultra Pasteurization) with various heat times depending on the temperature. …

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