Sour Cream Brands

brands of sour creamThere are many sour cream brands available in the United States as you can see from the list below. We would be amazed if anybody has tried all the products on our list, not to mention the ones we likely missed.

The interesting thing about sour cream brands is that many people often do not discern between one brand to the next. However, not all sour cream products contain the same ingredients. For example, some brands are made with thickeners, preservatives, and/or additives while others are made with simply cultured cream. To us, it just doesn’t make sense to eat unnecessary ingredients that do not provide the body with an extra benefit. In our opinion, the taste of sour cream is just as good or better without preservatives or additive. Check the ingredients on the label if this is a concern to you.

Please let us know in the comments if know of a brand that should be included on this list and we will add it. Note that store brand products were not included on the list. Additionally, we left off sour cream dips because we will likely eventually create another list for those products in the future.

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Photo Credit: torange