Daisy Creamy Ranch Dip Review

Through the years, I always wondered why Daisy never released a line of dips for chips and veggies. After all, one of their specialties is sour cream which is often the base ingredient for these types of dips.

Well, according to the Daisy website, the company actually did make dips some 40 years ago. It seems like a balance of quality, freshness, taste, etc. were are problem at the time so the company discontinued the line.

Today, Daisy has reintroduced refrigerated dips after their hiatus. The dips are made without the BS like stabilizers, preservatives, MSG, corn starch, carrageenan and non-dairy allergens.

Daisy makes French Onion and Ranch flavors of its new dip. We tried only the ranch dip so far and its undoubtedly a winner.

The dip is creamy with an excellent balance of spices including dried garlic, dried onion, dried chives, and dried parsley, among others. It also has a nice level of salt that provides plenty of flavor but doesn’t overwhelm the palate when a salty chip is dipped into it.

One unique component of this dip is that it contains cheddar cheese. You don’t see it in the dip given the dip looks like any other one you’ve ever seen that is white and speckled with spices. I suspect Daisy uses some sort of white cheddar cheese.

More importantly, I suspect its this cheese that gives this dip an additive quality to it. Yeah, it’s sort of an unconventional component in a chip dip but whatever. The use of it works brilliantly as a compliment to the seasoning, spices, and the sour cream base.

Is this dip better than its likely closest competitor, Heluva Good Buttermilk Ranch Dip? Yes, and without MSG, carrageenan, preservatives, and other potentially undesirable ingredients.

Is this dip better than homemade? It far exceeds many homemade ranch dips I have had and made through the years. However, I asked my wife what she thought of this Daisy dip without her knowing I was reviewing it. She said she preferred her homemade ranch dip over it but certainly is a fan of the Daisy dip.

In closing, you should give this a try if you enjoy ranch dip. It is currently selling for around $3.00 to $3.80 per 16 ounce container where I live. In my opinion, its attractively priced for the quality of dip you get in a container without a bunch of nonsense ingredients.

Note that I have no relationship with Daisy. This is simply my opinion of this dip without outside factors influencing my thoughts. There is no benefit to me or this website for providing this positive review.

Daisy: Sour Cream Creamy Ranch Dip

Ingredient Quality


This is a top tier sour cream ranch dip made with real ingredients without the nonsense. It’s addictively creamy with an almost perfect blend of seasoning and spices. This is undoubtedly one of the best ranch dips you can find at most major grocery stores.