What Is Cream Top Yogurt?

cream top yogurt

cream top yogurtCream top yogurt is yogurt that has a layer of cream on its surface and a non-fat layer below. The cream rises and settles to the top of yogurt when it is undisturbed. In order for the cream to rise to the top, the milk used to make the yogurt must be non-homogenized.

The majority of dairy products you buy at the grocery store are homogenized. This is a process that minimizes the fat particles by heating and pressurizing the milk so that the fatty part of the milk does not separate from the non-fat portion. This creates a uniform texture without separation of the fat as the product sits.

Non-homogenized dairy has not had its fat disturbed by the manufacturer. This allows the cream to float to the top (know as cream top) while the non-fat portion remains on the bottom. That creamy top layer of your cream top yogurt can be stirred in or removed if you are looking to save on calories or fat intake.

There is some confusion over whether non-homogenized yogurt and other dairy are safe to consume. Non-homogenized products are safe to consume if they are pasteurized. The safety of a dairy product does not depend on whether it is homogenized but rather if it is pasteurized or not.

Cream Top Yogurt Brands

Below is a list of some popular cream top yogurt brands and the flavors that they make for their cream top products.

Brown Cow – coffee, maple, plain, pom-berry, vanilla, apricot mango, blueberry, cherry-vanilla, chocolate, lemon twist, peach, raspberry, strawberry.

Kalona Super Natural – plain, peach, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla.

Dreaming Cow – honey pear, vanilla agave, maple ginger, plain, blueberry cardamom, strawberry pomegranate, dark cherry chai, peach mango.

Clover Organic Farms – blueberry, plain, strawberry, vanilla, forest berry, peach.



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