How Long Does Greek Yogurt Last?

Q: How long does Greek yogurt last? A: To answer this question, we are assuming that the Greek yogurt is properly sealed and refrigerated at the appropriate temperature. It probably goes without saying that Greek yogurt will spoil over time, it is just a matter of when. Greek yogurt will typically have a sell by date …

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Yogurt With Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Yogurt With Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Lactobacillus acidophilus or L. acidophilus is a probiotic (good bacteria). Yogurt is made with milk using live & active cultures, which can contain different varieties of probiotics. The live cultures help milk ferment to create that creamy yogurt texture you love. In order for a bacteria to be technically defined as a probiotic, it must provide …

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Siggi’s Nutrition Facts

Siggi's Nutrition

Siggi’s is an Icelandic-style yogurt or skyr that is manufactured in New York. It is an all-natural yogurt made with real fruit when used as an ingredient. As you will see below, Siggi’s is high in protein per serving size. Additionally, the calories are reasonable, especially if you eat nonfat or low-fat products. The company …

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Is Greek Yogurt Lactose Free?

Lactose is the primary sugar in dairy products. When someone is lactose intolerant it means that person has difficulty digesting the lactose. It can cause bloating, cramps, diarrhea, gas, and/or a feeling of sickness. The level of tolerance varies from person to person; therefore, one person may be sensitive to a few bites of dairy …

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Is Greek Yogurt Vegan?

A vegan does not eat meat of any kind, including eggs. They also do not consume dairy products. The majority of Greek yogurt on the market is considered a dairy product because the manufacturers use some sort of mammal milk (cows, goat, etc) to create the product. All milk based Greek yogurt is not vegan. Fortunately for those …

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Does Greek Yogurt Have Live Cultures?

We sampled a few major brands to determine if they had live and active cultures. All the brands listed below did contain  active, live cultures. The  bacteria were listed where available. The potential benefits of these live cultures include gastrointestinal health, alleviating lactose tolerance symptoms, improved colon health, improved immune system health, protection against pathogens, …

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Greek Yogurt vs Sour Cream

Greek Yogurt vs Sour Cream

We have decided to do an article on Greek yogurt vs sour cream since the two are often compared.  Many people will substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream because their taste and texture are similar, but that depends on who you ask. One cup sour cream can be substituted for one cup Greek yogurt, which makes …

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