Siggi’s Nutrition Facts

Siggi's Nutrition

Siggi’s is an Icelandic-style yogurt or skyr that is manufactured in New York. It is an all-natural yogurt made with real fruit when used as an ingredient. As you will see below, Siggi’s is high in protein per serving size. Additionally, the calories are reasonable, especially if you eat nonfat or low-fat products. The company …

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Is Greek Yogurt Paleo?

The Paleo diet looks to mirror the way cavemen ate during the Paleolithic era (the beginning of human life to about 12,000 years ago). So how exactly did they eat? They ate foods that were available through hunting or gathering. These foods included meats, eggs, shellfish, plants, vegetables, nuts, seeds and oils like olive and …

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Greek Yogurt vs Regular Yogurt

Regular Yogurt vs Greek Yogurt

Why Is Greek Yogurt Thicker Than Regular Yogurt? Many people know that Greek yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt. But, why? Yogurt is made by heating milk and then cooling it down before live cultures are introduced. As the milk sits, a fermentation process takes place that turns the milk sugars (lactose) into lactic acid. The lactic acid …

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