Sugar Free Greek Yogurt Brands

  Have you ever tried to find a sugar free Greek yogurt? Chances are you didn’t have any luck. All yogurt made from animal milk naturally has sugar known as lactose. While technically sugar free Greek yogurt brands do not exist because of the lactose, there are Greek yogurt options that only contain natural sugar from …

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Benefits of Greek Yogurt

Great Source of Calcium: A serving of non-fat plain Greek yogurt (170 g/6 oz) has about 18% of your daily calcium requirement. Calcium is important because it helps us build strong bones when we are young and helps maintain that bone strength as we grow older. Additionally, calcium aids in muscle response and nerve function. Fragile or …

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Greek Yogurt Face Mask

Greek Yogurt Face Mask

Living in the Midwest, my skin gets really dry during the winter. After the winter we’ve had this year, I was in desperate need of some moisture for my skin. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Greek yogurt face masks and, since I already know how beneficial Greek yogurt is, I thought I …

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How Much Potassium In Greek Yogurt?

Potassium In Greek Yogurt

Question: How much potassium in Greek yogurt? Potassium is vital to maintaining a healthy body, particularly to our organs like the heart and kidneys. However, we do not often hear of the importance of this nutrient. The recommended intake of potassium per day is 4,700 milligrams for an adult. Unfortunately, most people do not consume …

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What is Bulgarian Yogurt?

Bulgarians have a very long history of making yogurt. In fact, they were said to have invented it thousands of years ago when they learned to ferment sheep’s milk using the warmth of their bodies. A bacteria responsible for the fermentation process, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, is thought to be responsible for the longevity of the Bulgarian people. Bulgarian yogurt …

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How Many Calories In Yogurt?

how many calories in yogurt

Question: How many calories in yogurt? Answer: Take a good look at your grocery store dairy section the next time you shop. You will probably notice an enormous selection of yogurt. With this large selection, comes a variety of ingredients with varying calories. Unfortunately, we cannot give a simple answer to the calories in yogurt. …

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Is Yogurt Dairy?

is yogurt a dairy product

Question: Is yogurt dairy? Answer: A dairy product is a food or beverage that is derived from milk, which is its main ingredient. In the United States, the majority of dairy products are made from cow’s milk. However, a dairy product can also be made from the milk of other mammals like goats, sheep, buffalos, …

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