Does Frozen Yogurt Have Sugar?

Many people see the word “yogurt” and assume it’s a healthy food. However, when it comes to frozen yogurt, it can be loaded with sugar making it a not so health of food choice.

Ultimately, frozen yogurt has natural and added sugars.

Its natural sugar is found in the milk that is used to make it. This sugar is called lactose, which some people have difficulty digesting because of lactose intolerance or sensitives to dairy. Natural sugar can also be found in fruits used as toppings or mix-ins.

Natural sugar is not a major concern. However, there is generally quite a bit of added sugar in frozen yogurt which is one of the primary reasons why this dessert should be consumed in moderation.

The added sugar in frozen yogurt comes from ingredients like corn syrup or regular sugar. It can also be found in mix-ins such as candies and syrups.

Below you will get an idea of how much sugar is in frozen yogurt and how it relates to the recommended daily added sugar intake developed by health professionals.

Store-Bought Frozen Yogurt Sugar Content

We looked at the nutrition facts of a selection of store-bought frozen yogurt products to give you a general idea of frozen yogurt’s sugar content. You can view the data in the below table.

As you can see, there is a great range of sugar content from product to product. This shows the importance of reading the nutrition facts on the label before you buy if you wish to minimize your sugar intake.

Frozen YogurtServing SizeTotal Sugar(g)Add Sugars(g)
Ben & Jerry’s – Half Baked Froyo2/3 Cup (127g)30g24g
Blue Bunny – Vanilla Bean2/3 Cup (90g)21g14g
Elan – Coffee2/3 Cup (111g)22g15g
Favorite Day – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough2/3 Cup (87g)22g18g
Hood – Fat Free Vanilla2/3 Cup (87g)19g13g
Kemps – Chocolate Chip2/3 Cup (87g)22g17g
Kroger Deluxe – Vanilla 2/3 Cup (85g)19g13g
Noosa – Strawberries & Cream2/3 Cup (115g)30g24g
Publix – Dulce De Leche2/3 Cup (96g)24g15g
Stonyfield Organic – Vanilla Fudge Swirl2/3 Cup32g24g
Wegmans – Chocolate 2/3 Cup (96g)25g18g
Averages2/3 Cup24.2g17.7g
**View the sugar content listed on the actual product labels for the most accurate and up-to-date information.**

Recommended Added Sugar Per Day

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends not to exceed the following amounts of added sugar per day:

  • Men: A maximum of 36 grams per day.
  • Women: A maximum of 24 grams per day.
  • Children (2-18): A maximum of 24 grams per day.

A more lenient recommendation comes from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025. These guidelines recommend to limit added sugar to less than 10% of total calories. Therefore, someone on a 2,000 calorie diet per day could consume up to 50 grams of added sugar per day.

If you glance over the added sugar content of the frozen yogurt products above in the table, you’ll notice a single serving will get most people pretty close or over the recommend added sugar. This is especially true if following the AHA recommendations.

Final Thoughts

While frozen yogurt may seem like a healthy choice due to its association with yogurt, it often contains a significant amount of added sugars, which can undermine its nutritional value.

The natural sugars, such as lactose from the milk and sugars from fruit toppings, are generally not a major concern. However, the added sugars, derived from ingredients like corn syrup and regular sugar, contribute to a wide range of sugar content in different frozen yogurt products.

This highlights the importance of carefully reading nutrition labels to make informed choices and avoid exceeding recommended daily added sugar limits. With many store-bought options approaching or surpassing recommended limits, moderation and awareness are key when indulging in frozen yogurt.

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