6 Types of Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream is a timeless classic. It is the perfect accompaniment to pies, cakes, and other desserts. It is also a versatile flavor that can be enjoyed on its own or loaded with topping like hot fudge, sprinkles, nuts, and more. It’s really no surprise that it is one of the most popular flavors of ice cream in the world.

The origins of vanilla ice cream can be traced back to the 17th century when ice cream was first introduced in France. It quickly became popular in Europe and later in the United States. Today, vanilla ice cream is a staple in ice cream parlors and grocery stores across the globe.

While many people think of vanilla ice cream as just one type, there are actually several different types of it. Here you will learn about the different types of vanilla ice cream and what makes each one unique.

Classic Vanilla Ice Cream

Classic vanilla ice cream is the most basic type of vanilla ice cream which is commonly available at most grocery stores. It is made with cream, milk, sugar, buttermilk, and vanilla flavoring for it most common ingredients. This type of vanilla ice cream is smooth and creamy and is perfect for desserts like root beer floats or topped with sprinkles and chocolate syrup.

Some popular brands of classic vanilla ice cream include Breyers, Haagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s.

French Vanilla Ice Cream

French vanilla ice cream is similar to classic vanilla ice cream, but it is made with egg yolks, which gives it a richer and creamier flavor. Essentially, the eggs produce a custard base compared to the creamy base of classic vanilla.

The yolks give the ice cream a pale yellow color compared to the often vibrant white color of classic vanilla. It is perfect for making gourmet desserts but certainly can be used for less formal purposes as you would any other vanilla.

Some popular brands of French vanilla ice cream include Tillamook, Breyers, and Turkey Hill.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Vanilla bean ice cream is a type of vanilla ice cream that is made using real vanilla beans. The vanilla bean pods are scraped out and mixed with cream, milk, and sugar to create a rich, creamy base. Additionally, similar to French vanilla, this ice cream is commonly made with egg yolks but lower quality store-bought versions often skip the eggs.

The tiny black specks you see in vanilla bean ice cream are actually bits of vanilla bean seeds that have been mixed into the ice cream mixture. This gives the ice cream a more intense, natural vanilla flavor compared to regular vanilla ice cream which typically uses just artificial vanilla flavoring.

Image Credit: a.pasquier/flickr

Vanilla bean ice cream is often considered a more gourmet option and is popular in higher-end ice cream shops and restaurants. Some popular brands of vanilla bean ice cream include Haagen Dazs, Tillamook, Blue Bunny, and Talenti if you are looking for a gelato.

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Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream

Old-fashioned vanilla ice cream is a type of vanilla ice cream that is typically made with egg yolks. It is also commonly made with cream, skim milk, milk, sugar, and vanilla extract. It often contains similar ingredients as vanilla bean ice cream but without the speckles of vanilla bean in it.

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Some popular brands of old-fashioned vanilla ice cream include Kemps, Alden’s Organic, and Tillamook.

Lactose-Free Vanilla Ice Cream

Lactose-free vanilla ice cream is a type of ice cream that is made without lactose, a sugar found in milk and dairy products. Lactose can cause digestive problems for people who are lactose intolerant if too much of it is consumed.

In traditional ice cream, milk and cream are the main ingredients used to create the creamy texture. However, for lactose-free ice cream, these ingredients are treated with an enzyme known as lactase. Lactase breaks down the lactose, making it easier for people with lactose intolerance to digest.

Lactose-free vanilla ice cream is a good option for people who are lactose intolerant but still want to enjoy the taste and texture of real ice cream. Examples of brands that make lactose-free vanilla ice cream are Breyers, Lactaid, and Beckon.

Vanilla Gelato

Vanilla gelato is an Italian-style ice cream that is made with milk, sugar, and vanilla. It is crafted with a higher proportion of milk and less cream than traditional American ice cream, resulting in a lower fat content and a denser texture.

Gelato may or may not contain eggs depending on the variety. So, check the label if eggs are a concern for you.

One of the main differences between gelato and ice cream is the amount of air that is whipped into the mixture during the churning process. Gelato is churned at a slower speed, which means less air is incorporated into the mixture. This results in a denser, creamier texture that allows the flavors to come through more strongly.

Some popular brands of vanilla gelato include Talenti and Grom.

Final Thoughts

Vanilla ice cream seems so basic on the surface. However, when you begin to learn about the different types of it, you start to realize its complexities. We hope this article helps you find a vanilla ice cream to enjoy for many years to come!