Birthday Cake Ice Cream Brands: The A To Z Big List

Birthdays are synonymous with joy, laughter, and of course, the iconic birthday cake. But, what if you could capture the essence of that delightful confection in a creamy, frozen treat?

Enter birthday cake ice cream – a mix typically made of cake flavored ice cream with birthday cake components like frosting, cake pieces, and sprinkles. You might think of it as a sort of niche ice cream flavor but you’ll often find it ranked in lists of the top flavors of ice cream in America.

Given the popularity of this flavor, we decided to put together the list of birthday cake ice cream brands found below to help readers discover what is out there at grocery stores.

Please consider leaving a comment at the end of this article if you know of a birthday cake ice cream brand that we missed. We will add it to the list assuming the brand is legitimate!

Also, consider leaving your thoughts (good or bad) about any of the ice creams listed below. We have no connection to any of the manufacturers so feel free to speak honestly about them. Just keep the comments clean so that they can be posted here.

Birthday Cake Ice Cream Brands

Baskin RobbinsIcing on the CakeCake Flavored Ice Cream + Yellow Cake Pieces + Rainbow Frosting Flecks + Confetti Frosting Swirls14 oz., Scoops
Berkey Creamery at Penn StateBirthday BashYellow Cake Batter Ice Cream + Frosted Cookie Freckles + Blue Frosting SwirlHalf
Blue BellBride’s CakeAlmond Flavored Ice Cream + Cake Pieces + Amaretto Cream Cheese Icing SwirlHalf Gallon,
Blue BunnyTwist Blu’s Birthday CakeBirthday Cake Twist Soft Frozen Dairy Dessert + Swirls of Purple Frosting
Blue BunnyStuffed Puffs Birthday CakeCake Batter Flavored Marshmallow Frozen Dairy Dessert + Marshmallow Swirls + Cake Pieces + Candy Sprinkles1.43 Quartsame as above
Braum’sBirthday CakeCake Batter Base + Vanilla Cake Chunks + Marshmallow Swirls3
Cedar CrestBirthday CakeYellow Cake Flavored Ice Cream + Cake Pieces + Multi-Colored Candy Pieces3 oz. Cups, 1.5 Quart, 3
Central DairyBirthday CakeTBD1.5
Chocolate ShoppeBirthday CakeYellow Cake Ice Cream + Confetti Sprinkles + Blue Buttercream
Dippin’ DotsBirthday CakeWhite & Yellow Cake Batter Ice Cream + Icing Flavored Ice Cream + Cake BitsSingle-Serving,
Edy’s/Dreyer’sBirthday CakeYellow Cake Flavored Light Ice Cream + Frosting Swirls + Rainbow Sprinkles14
Friendly’sCelebration Ice Cream Cake Vanilla Ice Cream + Chocolate Ice Cream + Layer of Chocolate Crunchies + Blue Icing + Whipped Topping + Confetti Candy8.5 oz.
Graeter’sBirthday CakeCake Batter Ice Cream + Cake Pieces +
Halo TopBirthday CakeBirthday Cake Light Ice Cream with Rainbow SprinklesPint
Handel’sBirthday CakeYellow Cake Batter Ice Cream + Blue Icing Ripple + Sprinkles
Hershey’s Ice CreamBirthday CakeCake Flavored Ice Cream + Blue Frosting Swirls + Confetti Colored Cake PiecesPint,
Jenni’sButtercream Birthday CakeButtercream Frosting + Golden Cake + Rainbow
Kawartha Dairy (Canadian brand)Birthday CakeWhite Cake Flavored Ice Cream + Rainbow Chocolatey Chips + Blue Marshmallow
KempsBirthday CakeVanilla Frosting Flavored Ice Cream + Cake Pieces + Candy Sprinkles6
Little DebbieBirthday Cake Ice CreamSweet White Cake Flavored Ice Cream + Yellow Cake Pieces + Colorful Icing
Mayfield CreameryBirthday CakeSugar Cookie Flavored Ice Cream + Blue Icing Swirl + Buttercream Freckles1.5
Milk BarBirthday CakeBirthday Cake Flavored Ice Cream + Birthday Crumbs + Frosting14
Milk BarChocolate Birthday CakeChocolate Birthday Cake Flavored Ice Cream + Chocolate Birthday Cake Crumbs + Chocolate Cake Batter + Frosting14 oz.See above
Nature’s Birthday CakeVanilla Ice Cream + Vanilla Pound Cake Chunks + Natural
Nick’sBirthdäg CakeCake Batter Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles
OberweisBirthday CakeCake Batter Ice Cream + Blue Buttercream Frosting Swirl + Rainbow
Perry’sBirthday BashBirthday Cake Flavored Ice Cream + Blue Frosting + Confetti SprinklesScoop Shop
RebelBirthday CakeButter Cake Flavored Ice Cream + Birthday Cake
South Mountain CreameryBirthday CakeBlue Cake Batter Ice Cream + Cake Crunch + SprinklesPint, Half
United Dairy Farmers75 CandlesCake Flavored Ice Cream + Oreo Cookies + Confetti SprinklesPint,

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