Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Brands: The Big List

Cookies and cream (also known as cookies ‘n cream and similar names) is commonly ranked as one of the favorite ice cream flavors ever. Generally, it is vanilla ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies (i.e. Oreos) crumbled into the vanilla.

Debatably, South Dakota State University stakes claim to inventing this amazing ice cream. According to the university website, the flavor was invented in 1979 by Shirley Seas, the dairy plant manager and students Joe Leedom and Joe Van Treeck.

The flavor was never patented according to SDSU, which has lead to some controversy on who really created it. The Argus Leader states Blue Bell advertises an “original” cookies and cream. So did they invent it?

Then you have Edy’s who indicates they invented it in 1982. To makes things more complicated, there are claims that the ice cream was invented in an Oregon mall and another vague theory that it was created somewhere in Massachusetts.

One thing is for certain regardless of who invented it, the flavor has become massively popularly amongst ice cream lovers. As you can see from the below list, there are now numerous cookies and cream brands including many store brands.

Please comment below if you know of a brand not on the list and we will consider adding it. Additionally, we are interested in knowing your favorite cookies and cream brand. Leave a comment if you have a favorite so that people can potentially try it if they haven’t already.

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Brands

Alden’s Organic Cookies &
Ample Hills Creamery Sweet Cream & Cookies
Baskin RobbinsCookies ‘N
Ben & Jerry’sMilk &
Berkey Creamery at Penn
Best YetCookies N’
Blue BellCookies ‘N
Blue Bunny Cookies & Cream, Soft Cookies & Cream, Stuffed Puffs Cookies ‘n Creme, Twist Cookies &
Blue MarbleOrganic Crumbled Cookies &
Blue Ribbon ClassicsCookies ‘N
Braum’sCookies ‘N’
Breyer’sCookies &
Brigham’sCookies ‘n
BrownDog CreameryBlack N
Byrne Cookies ‘N
CapannariCookies &
Cedar CrestCookies N
Chocolate Shoppe Ice CreamUltimate
Crystal CreameryCookies &
Davey’sCookies &
Dreyer’sCookies N’
Edy’sCookies N’
Friendly’sCookies &
Gelato BoySalty Cookies
Graeter’sCookies &
Guernsey Farms DairyCookies N’
Halo TopCookies &
Häagen-DazsCookies &
Hershey’s Ice CreamCookies &
Hiland DairyCookie
Homemade BrandCookies ‘N
HoodCookies ‘N
HudsonvilleCookies ‘N
KempsCookies ‘N Cream, Cookies & Cream
KleinsClassic Cookies ‘N’
LactaidLactose-Free Cookies &
Love’sCookies &
Mayfield CreameryCookies &
McConnell’sSea Salt Cream &
Meadow GoldCookies &
Milk BarChocolate Mint Cookies &
Nick’sCookies and Krä
OberweisCookies &
Perry’sCookies &
Pierre’sCookies & Cream, Homestyle Cookies & Cream, Lactose Free Cookies &
Prairie FarmsCookies ‘N
Purity Cookies &
RebelCookies &
Red Button CreameryCookies N’
Smith’s Cookies &
South Dakota State University (SDSU)Cookies ‘n Cream, Chocolate Cookies ‘n Cream, Mint Chocolate Cookies ‘n
Stone Ridge CreameryCookies ‘N
Straus Family CreameryOrganic Cookies &
Teo GelatoCookies & Cream
TillamookCookies &
Turkey HillCookies ‘N
UmpquaCookies ‘N’
United Dairy FarmersMini Cookies ‘N Cream, Mini Cookies ‘N Cream
Van Leeuwen Cookies &
Visit the manufacturers’ websites for the most accurate product information.

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream: Store Brands

Store BrandName(s)Store Sold At?
365 By Whole FoodsOrganic Cookies & CreamWhole Foods
7 Select Go! YumMint Cookies ‘N Cream7-Eleven
Bowl & BasketCookies & CreamShopRite
Favorite DayCookies ‘N CreamTarget
GiantCookies & Cream, Light Churn Style Cookies & CreamGiant
Great ValueCookies & CreamWalmart
GreenWiseOrganic Cookies and CreamPublix
HannafordCookies & CreamHannaford
Harris TeeterCookies & CreamHarris Teeter
HEB Creamy CreationsCookies & Cream, Light Cookies & CreamHEB
Hill Country FareCookies & CreamHEB
Hy-VeeCookies & CreamHy-Vee
It’s Your ChurnCookies & CreamHy-Vee
Kroger DeluxeCookies N’ Cream, Churned Cookies N’ CreamKroger
LucerneCookies & CreamSafeway family of stores
PICS Cookies & CreamPrice Chopper
Piggly WigglyCookies & CreamPiggly Wiggly
Prestige Cookies & Cream, 99% Lactose Free Cookies & CreamWinnie Dixie & Harveys
Private SelectionCookies & CreamKroger
PublixCookies & CreamPublix
Purple CowCookies & CreamMeijer
Member’s MarkCookies & CreamSam’s Club
Signature SelectCookies & CreamAlbertsons family of stores
Stop & ShopCookies & CreamStop & Shop
WegmansCookies & CreamWegmans
Weis Quality Cookies & Cream, Light Cookies & Cream, Weis Markets
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