Mac and Cheese Brands: A to Z Big List

When you think of mac and cheese brands, what probably comes to mind is Kraft. This is the stuff many of us grew up eating and maybe from time to time still enjoy it.

While Kraft remains the most iconic brand of the mac and cheese in the world, there have been many new brands to hit the market over recent years. Many of these mac and cheese brands tout better ingredients from traditional boxed options.

The purpose of this article is to provide readers with a resource to find mac and cheese brands and the products each brand offers. We created this list because we discovered how difficult it was to find a single comprehensive source for mac and cheese brands and their products.

Hopefully, this list will be useful  for you to explore the options when it comes to mac and cheese.

If you know of a brand that should be included on this list that was left off, please comment below. We will add it if it is a relevant brand. Also, comment if you have a favorite brand and wish to let other people know how good it is.

Thanks for reading and we hope this helps you find a new mac & cheese brand that you’ll love!

List of Mac & Cheese Brands

BrandProducts OffersSee Flavors/Products
Amy’sFrozen Microwave/Oven Mac &
Annie’sClassic Mac & Cheese, Deluxe Mac & Cheese, Microwave Mac
BanquetFrozen Mac &
Banza (Made with Chickpea Pasta)Boxed Mac & Cheese, Deluxe Boxed Mac & Cheese, Microwave
Bird’s EyeFrozen Veggie Pasta Mac &
Bitsy’sMicrowave Cups (No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Preservatives)
Beecher’sFrozen Microwave/Oven Mac &
Blake’sFrozen Old Fashioned Mac & Cheese (Oven or Microwave Bake)
Bob EvansMicrowave Ready Multiple & Single Serving
Boston Market At HomeFrozen Microwave Mac &
CabotBoxed Mac & Cheese, Farmers’ Reserve Mac & Cheese, Microwave
CheetosBoxed Mac & Cheese, Microwave
Chef BoyardeeMicrowave Cup Mac & Cheese, Canned Mac &
Cracker BarrelBoxed Mac & Cheese, Microwave Cups, Oven
DaiyaBoxed Dairy-Free Mac & Cheeze (100% plant-based)
DevourFrozen Microwave Mac &
EvolFrozen Microwave/Oven Single-Serve Mac &
Fiber GourmetBoxed Mac &
Funny FarmBoxed, Deluxe, & Microwave Cups Made with Goat
Galactic MacBoxed Mac &
GerberMicrowave Toddler Mac & Cheese, Jarred Mac &
GoodlesBoxed Mac &
GoodWheatBoxed Mac & Cheese (Wheat Pasta)
GrownAs* MacBoxed Vegan Mac & Cheese (Plant-Based)
HormelRefrigerated Stovetop/Microwave Mac &
It’s Skinny MacBoxed Mac &
JovialBoxed Organic Gluten Free Vegan
KidfreshFrozen Microwave/Oven Mac &
Kevin’s Natural FoodsRefrigerated Gluten-Free Microwave/Stovetop Mac & Cheese with Cauliflower
Lean CuisineMicrowave Mac &
Main St. Bistro Microwave Cups, Microwave Meal 20 oz., Microwave/Oven Meal 20
ManischewitzBoxed Kosher Mac &
Marie Callender’sFrozen Oven/Microwave Mac &
Michelina’sFrozen Oven/Microwave Mac &
Mom’s PlaceGluten-Free Stovetop Cook Mac n’
Muscle MacBoxed, Mac & Cheese, Microwave
On-CorFrozen Oven/Microwave Mac &
Panera Bread At HomeRefrigerated Microwave
Pastabilities Boxed Organic & Traditional Stovetop Mac & Cheese (Kid Friendly Pasta Shapes)
Perfect KetoBoxed Keto-Certified Mac &
RolandBoxed Whole Wheat Truffle Mac & Cheese (Stovetop Cook)
SabatinoTruffled Mac & Cheese Stovetop or
Stouffer’sFrozen Mac & Cheese, Microwave
TillamookFrozen Mac &
Udi’sFrozen Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese (Microwave Cook)
VelveetaBoxed Mac & Cheese, Microwave Bowls, Microwave
Wacky MacBoxed Mac &
Wicked KitchenBoxed Vegan Mac &
WonderSlimMicrowave/Stovetop Protein Pasta Creamy Macaroni &
Reference the product packaging or website for the most accurate mac & cheese product information.

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