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Carbs in Frozen Yogurt

carbs in frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is thought to be a healthier option in comparison to ice cream and other desserts. Generally, this is true assuming the frozen yogurt is not topped with unhealthy additions. Additionally, not all frozen yogurt is the same in terms of ingredients. The carbs in frozen yogurt are primarily impacted by the added sugar content. While …

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Does Gelato Have Dairy?

does gelato contain milk

As the variety of frozen desserts has increased, trying to figure out what contains dairy can create a headache. There is ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, frozen yogurt, and many more frozen desserts with varying ingredients. But, what about gelato? Does it contain dairy? Let’s take a closer look at what is gelato. Gelato is an Italian-style ice …

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Does Ice Cream Go Bad?

Does Ice Cream Go bad

Does ice cream go bad? If you’re an ice cream lover, you probably never needed to ask this question. However, many of us have allowed ice cream sit in the freezer for weeks or months and have wondered if it goes bad. While some might assume that the freezer preserves ice cream indefinitely, it actually …

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Sugar Free Ice Cream Brands?

sugar free ice cream

Let’s start by saying that a sugar free ice cream is virtually non-existent. Ice cream is made from milk and cream. Both of these dairy products contain a natural sugar known as lactose. Essentially, if you make ice cream with milk or cream and do not add sugar, there will still be sugar in the …

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Does Ice Cream Have Eggs?

Eggs in Ice Cream

Does ice cream have eggs? This is a tough one to answer because some do and some do not. Unfortunately, we cannot give a simple answer of yes or no. There are just too many ice cream brands which each manufacture a variety of flavors with various ingredients. Generally, the majority of ice cream flavors you …

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Is Ice Cream Gluten-Free?

gluten free ice cream brands

Is ice cream gluten free? Many people ask this question because they love ice cream but are concerned about its potential gluten content. Unfortunately, it is not an easy yes or no answer. There are just too many ice cream brands with ingredients that vary from one flavor to the next. Some varieties of ice …

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