Breyers (Almond Milk) Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Review

I picked up this non-dairy ice cream thinking it was the the oat milk variety of this flavor. I didn’t even know Breyers produced it with almond milk but I guess they have been making it since 2017. Yeah, we’re sort of bias to dairy-based ice cream here so that is where the oversight came into play.

Nevertheless, I will provide an honest review of Breyers Mint Chocolate ice cream made with almond milk as a dairy lover who appreciates many dairy alternatives.

Review: Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip (Dairy-Free with Almond Milk)

The almond milk ice cream base lacks the creaminess of a quality dairy-based ice cream. It ‘s more of a slightly watered down creaminess. It’s certainly not terrible tasting as bad as “watered down” sounds, so keep reading on.

The mint flavor is the real star of this non-dairy ice cream. Its strong but not overpowering. It does not nice job of complimenting the almond milk base while also helping you forget about its lack of creaminess.

The ingredients (see the image at the bottom of this page) give no indication of mint as an ingredient so who really knows what the manufacturer is using. However, its likely a mint extract.

The chocolate chips are small and rectangular. They taste like mild dark chocolate pieces with a quality chocolate taste that you expect from Breyers products.

The ice cream had these chips scattered nicely throughout the base. I’d say the quantity of the chocolate chips was about perfect. I wasn’t overwhelmed by them nor was I disappointed. Most spoonfuls had at some chips in them.

One thing I should note is that it is not uncommon for ice cream manufacturers to dye mint chocolate chip ice cream green. While the dyes used are FDA approved, they are not without controversy. This ice cream is free of green dye which I appreciate and likely many readers will as well.

I’m not going to cover all the ingredient in this ice cream but I should discuss the use of coconut oil. While there are some benefits to eating this ingredient, one of the major downsides is that it is notorious for having a lot of saturated fat.

Too much saturated fat can put an individual at an increased risk of heart disease and stroke (source). A serving of this ice cream will results in someone who is consuming a 2,000 calorie diet 35% of their daily value of saturated fat.

To be fair, the regular Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip has 40% daily value of saturated fat. So, you really aren’t consuming more of it with its almond milk alternative.


I give Breyers Almond Milk Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream 6.4 out of 10 stars. I really have no complaints about the mint flavoring and chocolate chips. My issue with this ice cream is the almond milk base. It lacks the creaminess of traditional cow’s milk mint chocolate chip. It’s not awful but certainly not like the real deal.

That being said, I would certainly buy this ice cream on occasion if I was living a dairy-free lifestyle. It’s quite delicious for a non-dairy ice cream, especially for $3.99 I paid for a carton on sale. If you’re into almond milk, I suggest giving this one a try at least once.