Superman Ice Cream Brands: 13 Popular Picks

Superman Ice Cream on a Spoon

Superman ice cream originated in the Midwest. While the details of its beginning are murky, the most come belief is that Stroh’s Brewery in Detroit, Michigan invented it during the Prohibition as a product to diversify away from booze.

It’s original flavors were reportedly lemon, Red Pop (derived or inspired from Faygo’s Red Pop also produced in Detroit), and blue moon. Today, its flavors vary based on who makes it as you will see below. However, its colors are always yellow, red, and blue, to match the superhero’s famous costume colors.

In addition, to this ice cream having different flavors, it is also often called by a different name from “Superman”. For example, Country Fresh calls it “Super Rainbow”. Nevertheless, the ice cream tends to taste similar from brand to brand.

If you’ve never tried this ice cream flavor, it’s one that is difficult to describe given its uniqueness. Check out our article on What Flavor Is Superman Ice Cream? if you’re curious about its taste.

Many ice cream shops around the Midwest and beyond carry this flavor. However, this article is designed to showcase the grocery store brands of this flavor of ice cream.

The options aren’t plentiful but many readers will be able to find at least one brand near them. Be sure to visit the manufacturers’ websites to find out if their Superman ice cream is sold near you.

The Dairy Dish plans to taste and review some, if not all, of these flavors in the near future. Be sure to catch our recent review of Hudsonville Super Scoop if you’re interested!

Superman Ice Cream Brands

Ashby’s SterlingSupermanLemon, Strawberry, Bubble
BrownDog CreamerySuperdogLemon, Cherry, Blue
Cedar CrestSuper MadnessVanilla, Cherry, Blue
Country FreshSuper RainbowVanilla, Cherry, Blue Moon

Guernsey Farms DairySupermanFruit Ice Cream, Marshmallow Ribbons,
Hudsonville Super ScoopVanilla, Black Cherry, Blue
It’s Your Churn (HyVee store brand)Scooper Powers“Fruit Punch Ice Cream” according to the
Kaleido ScoopsSuper MadnessVanilla, Cherry, Blue
Kroger DeluxeTie Dye BurstVanilla, Cherry, Blue
Perry’sSuper HeroLemon, Cherry Bubblegum, Blue
Purple Cow (Meijer stores brand)ScoopermanVanilla, Black Cherry, Blue
Southeastern Grocers (Winnie Dixie & Harveys store brand)Super KaboomLemon, Wild Cherry, Blue
Stroh’sSuper RainbowVanilla, Black Cherry, Blue
United Dairy FarmersSuper MooVanilla, Red Cherry, Blue Sweet

Please comment below if you know of a Superman ice cream brand that we missed. The brand should be sold at major grocery stores in North America. We’ll add to the list if it is a legitimate brand. Thank you!

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