Whipped Cream Brands

whipped cream brands

Oh, how we love whipped cream. Some of our favorite ways to use it is as an ice cream topper, on fruit, and of course on slice of pie. However, there may be nothing better than a glass of hot chocolate in the winter with an overload of whipped cream floating on the top. Okay, enough with the whipped cream love affair. Let’s talk about whipped cream brands.

Whipped cream is best made from whipping or heavy cream and a bit sugar that is whipped together. However, as an alternative, there is nothing wrong with buying canned whipped cream to use as needed. After all, it is much funner to indulge in spraying whipped cream from the can than spooning the homemade stuff onto a dessert.

The purpose of this article is to help readers discover the various whipped cream brands. When we think of whipped cream many people probably first think of Reddi Wip or Cool Whip (actually imitation whipped cream). While these are successful brands that have been enjoyed by millions, let’s take a look at whipped cream brands beyond just the very popular ones.

Below we have provided several brands of whipped cream with the products that each brand produces. Note that all products listed are the aerosol can variety of whipped cream. Please let us know of any brands of whipped cream that we might of missed and we will add them to the list.

Brands of Whipped Cream

365 Everyday ValueLight, Nonfat, www.wholefoodsmarket.com
Berkeley FarmsLightwww.berkeleyfarms.com
CabotSweetened Lightwww.cabotcheese.coop
Garelick FarmsOriginalwww.garelickfarms.com
Gay LeaRegular, Light, Coconut, www.gaylea.com
HoodLight, Sugar Freewww.hood.com/
Isigny Sainte-Mere Original, Lightwww.isigny-ste-mere.com
Land O LakesExtra Creamywww.landolakes.com/
Meadow GoldLightwww.meadowgold.com
Natural By NatureBrown Sugar Whipped Cream, Classicwww.natural-by-nature.com/
Penn MaidSweetened Lightwww.pennmaid.com
Reddi WipOriginal, Fat Free, Extra Creamy, Chocolatewww.reddiwip.com