Butter Pecan Ice Cream Brands: The Big List

Butter pecan is one of the most popular ice cream flavors made in America. Fox places it at #6 and Newsweek puts it at #3 in their lists of the most popular ice cream flavors in America.

Due to its beloved status among Americans, numerous ice manufacturers produce this particular flavor of ice cream. You will find many of these brands below.

If you know of a brand that should be on this list that doesn’t already appear, comment below and we will consider adding it. We hope this information was useful in helping you find a new butter pecan ice cream brand to try!

Butter Pecan Brands

Acme ValleyButter Pecan14 oz.acmevalleyicecream.com
Ashby’s SterlingButter PecanTBDashbysicecream.com
Berkey Creamery at Penn State Butter PecanPint, Half-Gallon, Galloncreamery.psu.edu
Best YetButter Pecan1.5 Quartbestyet.com
Blue BellButtered PecanScoop, Pint, 1/2 Gallonbluebell.com
Blue BunnyButter PecanPint, 48 oz. bluebunny.com
Blue RibbonButter Pecan48 oz.blueribbonclassics.com
Braum’sButter Pecan48 oz.braums.com
BreyersButter Pecan1.5 Quartbreyers.com
Calder DairyButter PecanTBDcalderdairy.com
Cedar CrestButter PecanPint, Scround, 3-Galloncedarcresticecream.com
Central DairyButter PecanTBDcentraldairy.biz
Chocolate Shoppe Butter PecanPintchocolateshoppeicecream.com
Country FreshButter Pecan1.5 Quart, 1.75 Quartcountryfresh.com
Crystal CreamerySouthern Butter PecanPint, 48 oz. crystalcreamery.com
Edy’s /Dreyer’sButter Pecan48 oz. icecream.com/us/en/brands/edys
EnlightenedButter PecanPinteatenlightened.com
Friendly’sButter Pecan48 oz.friendlys.com
Graeter’sButter PecanPintgraeters.com
Green’sButter Pecan1.5 Quartgreensicecream.com
Guernsey FarmsButter Pecan48 oz., 3 Gallonguernseyfarmsdairy.com
Häagen-DazsButter Pecan14 oz.icecream.com/us/en/brands/haagen-dazs
HaganButter Pecan1.5 Quarthaganicecream.com
Hershey’sButter PecanScoop, Pint, 1.5 Quarthersheyicecream.com
HilandButter Pecan, Butter Pecan No Sugar Added1.5 Quart, 1.75 Quarthilanddairy.com
Homemade BrandButter PecanPint, 48 oz. homemadebrand.com
HoodButter Pecan 1.5 Quarthood.com
HudsonvilleButter Pecan48 oz.hudsonvilleicecream.com
Kawartha Dairy (Canadian brand)Butter Pecan11.4Lkawarthadairy.com
KempsRoasted Butter Pecan & Old Fashioned Butter Pecan1.5 Quartkemps.com
Main Avenue CreameryButter PecanPintmainavenuecreamery.com
Mammoth Creameries Butter Pecan (Frozen Custard, Keto-Friendly)Pintmammothcreameries.com
MayfieldSouthern Butter PecanPint, 1.5 Quartmayfielddairy.com
Meadow GoldButter Pecan 1.5 Quartmeadowgolddairy.com
Nick’sButter PekanPintnicks.com
OberweisButter PecanPintoberweis.com
Perry’s (called Southern Pecan)Southern PecanPintperrysicecream.com
Pierre’sButter PecanPint, 1.5 Quart, 3-Gallon pierres.com
Prairie FarmsButter Pecanpint, 48 oz. prairiefarms.com
PurityButter Pecan1.5 Quart, 1.75 Quartpuritydairy.com
Ray’sButter PecanTBDraysicecream.com
RebelButter Pecan (No Added Sugar, Low Carb/High Fat)Pintrebelcreamery.com
Schoep’sButter Pecan1.5 Quartschoepsicecream.com
Smith’sButter Pecan1.5 Quartsmithsbrand.com
South Dakota State University (SDSU)Butter PecanTBDsdstate.edu/dairy-and-food-science/sdsu-dairy-bar/sdsu-ice-cream-flavors
South Mountain CreameryButter Pecan16 oz.southmountaincreamery.com
Stewart’s ShopButter PecanHalf Gallonstewartsshops.com
Stone Ridge CreameryButter Pecan1.5 Quartstoneridgecreamery.com
Stroh’sButter Pecan1.5 Quartstrohsicecream.com
TalentiSouthern Butter Pecan (Gelato)16 oz.talentigelato.com
TillamookButter Pecan1.5 Quarttillamook.com
Turkey HillButter Pecan46 oz., 3 Gallonturkeyhill.com
United Dairy FarmersButter Pecan48 oz. udfinc.com
Yarnell’sButter Pecan56 oz.yarnells.com
Yelloh!Butter Pecan1.5 Quartyelloh.com
Visit the manufacturers’ websites for the most accurate product information.

Butter Pecan (Store Brands)

365 By Whole FoodsButter Pecan1.5 Quartwholefoods.com
Bowl & Basket (ShopRite brand)Butter Pecan1.5 Quartshoprite.com
Great Value (Walmart brand)Butter Pecan48 oz.walmart.com
Harris TeeterButter Pecan48 oz.harristeeter.com
HEB Creamy CreationsButter PecanPint, 1/2 Gallonheb.com
Hy-VeeButter Pecan1.5 Quarthy-vee.com
Kroger DeluxeSouthern-Style Butter Pecan Crunch48 oz.kroger.com
Prestige (Winn-Dixie, Harveys brand)Homestyle Butter Pecan48 oz. segrocers.com
Private Selection (Kroger brand)Southern Butter PecanPintkroger.com
PublixButter PecanHalf Gallonpublix.com
Purple Cow (Meijer brand)Butter Pecan1.5 Quartmeijer.com
SE Grocers (Winn-Dixie, Harveys brand)Butter Pecan48 oz. segrocers.com
Signature SelectButter Pecan1.5 Quartalbertsons.com
Sundae Shoppe (Aldi brand)Butter Pecan48 oz.aldi.us
Swoon (HEB brand)Butter PecanPintheb.com
WegmansButter PecanPint, 48 oz.wegmans.com
Weis MarketButter Pecan48 oz.weismarkets.com
Visit the store/store websites for the most accurate product information.

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