What Flavor Is Superman Ice Cream?

superman ice cream flavors

Question: What flavor is superman ice cream?

Answer: Superman ice cream was one of my favorite desserts when I was growing up.  However, my parents never bought it at the store for us kids. I remember we frequently had less kid-friendly flavors around the house like butter pecan or some chocolate flavor that my dad loved. Superman ice cream was something we only occasionally got to eat when we went out for ice cream.

The origin of Superman ice cream is the Midwest. While there is some debate about its true birthplace, sources point to Michigan and specifically Stroh’s as the likely inventor. Today, it can be found mostly in Michigan, the states surrounding Michigan, and into Canada.

Superman ice cream is a unique combination of red, blue, and yellow ice cream with each color having a different flavor. For all of you non-superhero lovers, the ice cream colors match the suit of the superhero, Superman. You will notice below that it is not specifically called Superman ice cream by the manufacturers. Rather, they use a play on the name to likely avoid a trademark issue.

It is almost impossible to describe what Superman ice cream tastes like because of its assortment flavors. It is simply a unique ice cream that you should at least try once if you come across it.  The different flavors depend on who is making it. Here are some variations of the flavors based on a few different products available at grocery stores:

Hudsonville “Super Scoop” & Meijer “Scooperman”:
Red: black cherry
Blue: blue moon
Yellow: classic vanilla

Laura Secord “SuperKid”:
Red: strawberry
Blue: blueberry
Yellow: banana

Red: red pop,
Blue: blue moon
Yellow: lemon

Toft Dairy”Super Duper Scoop”:
Vanilla flavored blue, red, and yellow

Dean’s “Super Rainbow”: 
Vanilla, red pop, and blue moon.

Now you are probably asking “What is blue moon ice cream?”.  Check out this article from WhooNew, which explains it in detail.

Photo via Josh Friedman

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