Pistachio Ice Cream Brands: A to Z Big List

Pistachios have been cultivated in the Middle East for thousands of years. However, they reportedly didn’t make their way into ice cream until 1940. That is when James Wood Parkinson is believed to have invented pistachio ice cream in Philadelphia.

Given the long history of pistachio cultivation, it reasonable to speculate that Europeans (likely the French or Italians) were making gelato or ice cream with pistachios by the 17th or 18th century. In other words, we aren’t necessarily buying the Parkinson story.

Nevertheless, in today’s world, pistachio ice cream is one of the more popular flavors. For example, YouGov lists it as the 14th most popular flavor in America. If you asked us before we looked, we would’ve predicted that it was not in the top 20.

Modern variations include both traditional recipes using ground pistachios and artificial flavorings, as well as gourmet versions featuring whole or chopped pistachios for added texture and flavor. Many varieties include a pistachio ice cream base with roasted almonds mixed in.

Below you’ll find a list of pistachio ice cream brands. If you know of a brand that we missed that you think should be on the list, leave a comment below and we will consider adding it.

List of Pistachio Ice Cream Brands

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