Nature Valley Savory Nut Crunch White Cheddar Review

Most people recognize Nature Valley for its granola bars that have been around since the mid 1970s. The brand has greatly expanded its product lineup since those early days with items such as Sweet & Salty bars, Wafer bars, Fruit & Nut bars, and Muffin bars.

The newest product category is Nature Valley’s Savory Nut Crunch bars. The flavors include White Cheddar, Everything Bagel, and Smoky BBQ. They are sold in packages of five bars per box.

So, are these savory bars any good or has the manufacturer, General Mills, gone a little wacky with these unconventional granola bar flavors?

Read my honest review below of the White Cheddar flavor.

Review: Nature Valley Savory Nut Crunch White Cheddar

Let me first say that you are likely going to be someone who likes nutty flavors to enjoy this bar. You certainly notice both peanut and sunflower seed flavors immediately when you bite into one. The nutty taste is powerful and I expect it’s a turnoff for many taste buds.

Based on a review of the ingredients, peanuts are the most predominate ingredient by weight in these bars. In other words, you’ll certainly notice that flavor with background notes of sunflower seeds and an assortment of spices.

It was a bit difficult to pick up the white cheddar flavor amongst the heavy nutty taste. However, the cheddar gave me vibes of that dehydrated stuff you use to make boxed mac & cheese. It’s not bad but you certainly aren’t going to get that fresh off the cheese block taste from it.

Overall, these are super dry nutty bars with a strong sunflower seed and peanut flavor with background notes of fake cheese and spices. The crumbs annoyingly get all over the place like any other granola bar but that’s to be expected.

Simply put, it’s not a good combination of flavors. There is a reason why cheese covered peanuts are not flying off grocery store shelves. There is also a reason why Jif and Skippy aren’t making a fortune selling cheesy peanut butter. The combo of peanuts and cheese just frankly sucks.


I give Nature Valley Savory Nut Crunch White Cheddar bars 3.8 out 10 stars. I would never buys box of them again. The weird combination of flavors is certainly not worth the $3.50 to $4.00 you’re going to pay for a package of five of these bars.

My wife called the taste disgusting. I wouldn’t go that far. I probably would eat one of these if I was hungry and it was handed to me for free. However, I would probably find a way to make it more palatable with maybe some cream cheese spread on top.

I think this is a case where General Mills took it too far in trying to innovate and diversify within a product line of already tasty bars that people have grown to love. Who knows, maybe the other flavors are better, but I’m not optimistic.

Leave a comment below if you have thoughts on these bars. We won’t judge you if you think they are good so feel free to be honest!

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