Breyers Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Review

Is Breyers Chocolate Chip ice cream worth buying or should you leave it in the grocery store freezer? I outline my thoughts about this flavor below.

Feel free to comment at the end of this article if you have tried this ice cream and have thoughts about it. I encourage different opinions as long as they are honest and helpful in guiding readers to buy or pass on this flavor.

Let’s get into it!

Review: Breyers Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

The one thing I immediately noticed about this ice cream was the amount of chocolate chips in it. Breyers is certainly not shy about loading it up with them.

Almost every spoonful had multiple chocolate chips in them. Some were so loaded up with them that it was difficult to even notice the ice cream base flavor.

Are there too many chocolate chips in this ice cream? If you like like that sort of Ben & Jerry’s style of ice cream with lots of flavor then the answer is no. However, if you like your ice cream mix-ins to simply complement the ice cream base then you might think the chocolate chips are a bit aggressive.

The chocolate chips on their own are tasty. They are made with dutched cocoa and provide a rich flavor with a sort of mild dark chocolate taste. The flavor of the chips is strong enough to masks the imperfections of the vanilla ice cream.

The thing about the vanilla ice cream base is that it tastes a bit above mediocre. It has some creaminess to it and a desirable vanilla flavor. However, it has a bit of a watery background taste to it.

The vanilla ice cream on its own wouldn’t be something I would routinely purchase. That being said, I think most vanilla ice cream lovers wouldn’t turn their nose up to if it were served to them at, say, a holiday party.

Its a decent middle of the road vanilla ice cream that undoubtedly many people enjoy. It just doesn’t compete with the creaminess and flavor that many premium varieties offer.

But, most people realize that going into purchasing Breyers. It’s not the best but certainly nowhere near the worst. It’s like The Gap of the ice cream world.


I give Breyers Chocolate Chip ice cream 6.9 out 10 stars. It’s a decent mass produced ice cream with a lot of flavor from the abundance of chocolate chips scattered throughout a C+ to B- level vanilla ice cream.

I purchased this ice cream along with Breyers Vanilla Chocolate (see our review) on a BOGO 1/2 off sale. It came out to about $3.50 per carton which is a pretty good value for this ice cream in the age of inflation. At that price, I would possibly buy it again on occasion.

The current non-sale price for this ice cream at my local Kroger is $6.99. It’s just not worth that price. You are approaching premium level ice cream pricing at that price point and the quality of ice cream just does justify paying that amount.

Again, we’re interesting in knowing what you think of it if you’ve tried it! Comment below if you wish to share your thoughts!

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