Cream Cheese Brands

Brands of Cream Cheese

You probably know that when in comes to cream cheese brands, Philadelphia dominates the market. Unlike yogurt brands that are numerous, brand diversity is very thin when it comes to cream cheese.

Below we compiled a list of cream cheese brands and flavors. We did not include store brand cream cheese since it is widely known that almost all major supermarkets carry their own brand. Although, some of the supermarket brands can taste quite good and also work well in recipes. Additionally, we have included non-dairy cream cheese style brands on the list. These are identified next to the brand name, if applicable.

Cream Cheese Brands

Berkey Creamery – plain, blueberry, honey, strawberry, light veggie spread

Braum’s – plain

Cabot – plain

Challenge – original, Neufchatel cheese, soft plain, whipped plain, strawberry, salsa.

Daiya (dairy-free) – plain, strawberry, chive & onion

Hahn’s– plain, jalapeno, strawberry, onion & chive, neufchatel.

Green Mountain Farms (cream cheese & Greek yogurt) – plain, strawberry, blueberry, onion & chive.

Green Valley Organic (lactose-free) – plain

Horizon Organic – original

Kite Hill (almond milk based)– plain, chive

Land O Lakes – plain

Nancy’s – organic cultured, natural cultured

Organic Valley – Neufchatel, plain

Philadelphia – strawberry, garden vegetable, chive & onion, blueberry, jalapenos, chipotle, brown sugar & cinnamon, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, honey pecan, pineapple, salmon, 2x protein original, 2x protein honey, reduced fat original, reduced fat strawberry, reduced fat chive & onion, reduced fat garden vegetable, fat free original, fat free strawberry, original

Sierra Nevada – garlic & herbs

Tofutti (non-dairy) – non-hydrogenated better than cream cheese, garlic & herb, herbs & chives, french onion, better than cream cheese

Vegan Gourmet (dairy-free) – plain

Zingerman’s – plain