Cream Cheese

What Is Full-Fat Cream Cheese?

full-fat cream cheese

Question: What is full-fat cream cheese? Answer: A lot of confusion surrounds cream cheese simply because of the vast varieties available. You have light, whipped, fat-free, low-fat, full-fat, and many flavored types. One of the biggest confusions might be trying the determine what is full-fat cream cheese. It is often called for as an ingredient …

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Does Cream Cheese Have Sugar?

is there sugar in cream cheese

Cream cheese is considered a dairy product because it is commonly produced from cow’s milk. Milk naturally contains sugar known as lactose. Take a look at your milk container and you will notice that sugar is not listed as an ingredient, but the nutrition label will list about 10 grams of sugar per an 8-ounce …

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Is Cream Cheese Healthy?

is cream cheese bad for you?

When you think of cream cheese, what comes to mind might be cheesecake, bagels, dips, or frosting. These foods don’t exactly symbolize a healthy diet. In many cases, they are terrible for you if you eat them in excess. However, cream cheese is its own food; therefore, we should look at it on its own to determine …

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What Is Softened Cream Cheese?

what does softened cream cheese mean

Baking or cooking can be very confusing, especially if you are new to the kitchen. Often times you will hear terms in recipes like braise, fold, or blanch and wonder what the heck are they talking about. After many years of cooking, I still sometimes have to look up what some terms or ingredients mean …

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Cottage Cheese Vs Cream Cheese

Difference between cottage cheese and cream cheese

Many people have wondered the difference between cottage cheese vs cream cheese. Yes, they are both cheese products, made from milk, and are sometimes easy to mix up when making a grocery list. However, if you look at the two side-by-side and do a taste test, you will realize how different the two are despite …

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Can You Freeze Cream Cheese?

can i freeze cream cheese

Cream cheese is one of those food items that often goes on sale. This makes it ideal to stock up on when cheap. However, the bad news is that it is a dairy product that typically does not stay fresh for months upon months. Your average opened cream cheese product will stay good for about …

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How To Soften Cream Cheese

how to soften cream cheese

Cream cheese can be a real pain to work with. You have probably had a recipe call for cream cheese to be beaten with a mixer. You know what a frustrating battle it can be if you have ever tried to hand mix cream cheese fresh out of the refrigerator. Your hand almost falls off …

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