Does Cream Cheese Have Sugar?

is there sugar in cream cheese

Cream cheese is considered a dairy product because it is commonly produced from cow’s milk. Milk naturally contains sugar known as lactose. Take a look at your milk container and you will notice that sugar is not listed as an ingredient, but the nutrition label will list about 10 grams of sugar per an 8-ounce serving. This is because the sugar (lactose) is contained within the milk and is not added as an ingredient. Cream cheese will have a small amount of natural sugar from the milk that it is made from. Let’s take a look at how much total sugar is in cream cheese from natural and added sugar sources.

How Much Sugar In Cream Cheese?


Below we have provided the nutrition facts for a selection of cream cheese products. This should give you an idea of how much sugar is in cream cheese. Note that we also supplied information on whether the ingredients indicated added sugar or not. No added sugar means that the sugar is only from lactose.

You will notice that plain cream cheese has about 1 to 2 grams of sugar, which is minimal. As expected, the flavored cream cheese products (Philadelphia Strawberry and Philadelphia Brown Sugar & Cinnamon) have higher sugar content and added sugar as ingredients. Try Green Valley Organic cream cheese if you want a completely sugar-free option since the lactose is removed from the product.

Sugar In Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese TypeServing SizeSugars Ingredients Show Added Sugar?Calories Total FatSaturated Fat CholesterolSodiumCarbohydratesDietary FiberProtein
Philadelphia Soft Plain Cream Cheese2 Tablespoons1 gNo80 7 g4.5 g7 mg125 mg1 g0 g2 g
Philadelphia 1/3 Less Fat Plain 2 Tablespoons2 gNo706 g3.5 g7 mg140 mg1 g0 g2 g
Philadelphia Soft Fat Free2 Tablespoons2 gYes300 g0 g1 mg200 mg1 g0 g2 g
Philadelphia 1/3 Less Fat Strawberry2 Tablespoons6 gYes704.5 g 3 g5 mg115 mg2 g 0 g2 g
Philadelphia 1/3 Less Fat Chive & Onion2 Tablespoons2 gNo705 g3.5 g 7 mg170 mg1 g 0 g2 g
Philadelphia 1/3 Less Fat Garden Vegetable2 Tablespoons2 gNo705 g3.5 g7 mg190 mg1 g0 g2 g
Philadelphia Brown Sugar & Cinnamon2 Tablespoons7 gYes804.5 g2.5 g5 mg115 mg2 g0 g2 g
Organic Valley (Bar)2 Tablespoons<1 gNo10010 g6 g30 mg100 mg1 g0 g2 g
Challenge Dairy2 Tablespoons2 gNo909 g6 g30 mg95 mg2 g0 gu/k
Green Valley Organic (Lactose Free)2 Tablespoons0 gNo11011 g7 g35 mg70 mg2 g0 g1 g
Cabot 2 tablespoons2 gNo1009 g6 g30 mg80 mg2 g0 g1 g
Nancy's Organic2 Tablespoons2 gNo959 g6 g35 mg35 mg2 g0 g1 g

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