Calories In A Slice of American Cheese

We pulled the calorie information for the various types of American cheese. This includes cheeses from full fat to fat free. You can see calorie information in the tables below.

Here is a quick summary of the approximate calories in a slice of American cheese for people who do not want to read through all of the data below:

  • Full-Fat American Cheese – 56 calories per slice
  • 2% Milk (Reduced Fat) American Cheese – 49 calories per slice
  • Fat-Free American Cheese – 25 calories per slice
  • Deluxe American Cheese – 72 calories per slice

View the nutrition facts on the product label for the most accurate and up-to-date calorie information for a specific American cheese.

Calories in Full Fat American Cheese

The table provides information about the calories in various full-fat American Cheese products. The calorie content per serving size (one slice) ranges from 45 to 80 calories. The average is approximately 56 calories.

Different brands offer different calorie counts, with the majority falling between 50 and 60 calories per slice. Boar’s Head, Lucerne, Great Value, Heritage Farms, Hill Country Fare, Horizon Organic, Kraft, Kroger, Sandwich Mate, Simple Truth Organic, and Stop & Shop all have slices that contain 50 or 60 calories.

Organic Valley and Primo Taglio have slices with the highest calorie content at 80 calories each, while Publix provides slices with 70 calories. It’s important to note that serving sizes may vary slightly, which could affect the calorie intake.

American Cheese Product (Regular, Full-Fat)Serving Size Calories
Boar’s Head – Pre-Sliced Yellow American1 Slice (14g)55
Borden – American Singles1 Slice (21g)60
Great Value – American Singles1 Slice (19g)50
HEB – American Singles1 Slice (19g)60
Heritage Farms – American Singles1 Slice (21g)50
Hill Country Fare – American Singles1 Slice (21g)60
Horizon Organic – American Singles1 Slice (19g)60
Kraft – American Singles1 Slice (21g)60
Kroger – American Singles1 Slice (21g)60
Lucerne – American Slices1 Slice (19g)50
Organic Valley – Yellow American1 Slice (21g)80
Primo Taglio – American White Sliced1 Slice (21g)80
Publix – American Singles1 Slice (21g)70
Sandwich Mate – American Singles1 Slice (19g)45
Simple Truth Organic – American Singles1 Slice (19g)60
Stop & Shop – American Singles1 Slice60

Calories in 2% Milk American Cheese

These reduced-fat American Cheese Products have relatively similar calories with the slices having either 45 or 50 calories.

American Cheese Product (2% Milk, Reduced-Fat)Serving SizeCalories
Borden – American Singles 2% Milk1 Slice (21g)50
HEB – American Singles 2% Milk1 Slice (21g)50
Kraft – American Singles 2% Milk1 Slice (19g)45
Publix – American Singles 2% Milk1 Slice (21g)50

Calories in Fat Free American Cheese

Fat Free American Cheese products generally have a lower calorie content compared to their full-fat counterparts. The calorie count per slice varies slightly among the brands. You’ll generally save about 25 calories eating fat free over regular American cheese.

American Cheese Product (Fat Free)Serving SizeCalories
Borden – Fat Free American 1 Slice (g)30
Crystal Farms – Fat Free American1 Slice (21g)15
Kroger – Fat Free American1 Slice (21g)30
Stop & Shop – Fat Free American1 Slice25

Calories in Deluxe American Cheese

The calorie content varies among these Deluxe American Cheese products with all falling between 60 and 80 calories per slice.

American Cheese Product (Deluxe)Serving SizeCalories
Great Value – Deluxe American1 Slice (19g)70
HEB – Deluxe American 1 Slice (21g)80
Kraft – Deli Deluxe American1 Slice (19g)60
Kroger – Deluxe American1 Slice (19g)70
Stop & Shop – Deluxe American1 Slice 80
Publix – Deluxe American1 Slice (19g)70