Carbs in Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is thought to be a healthier option in comparison to ice cream and other desserts. Generally, this is true assuming the frozen yogurt is not topped with unhealthy additions. Additionally, not all frozen yogurt is the same in terms of ingredients. The carbs in frozen yogurt are primarily impacted by the added sugar content. While there is some natural sugar in frozen yogurt known as lactose, it minimally affects the carb count in comparison to added sugar and sugary additions.

It should be noted that frozen yogurt is not comparable in carbs to regular yogurt that you buy in the dairy section. If you are concerned with your carb intake, you should avoid or limit the serving size of frozen yogurt. As you will see below, frozen yogurt is not a low carb food. However, it is a better option than many other desserts and likely will not destroy your figure if consumed in moderation.

Below we have provided a sampling of the carbs in frozen yogurt. The nutrition facts reflect the total carbs, sugar content, and fiber for each variety of frozen yogurt. The first  nutrition facts provided are from the USDA nutrient database and provide a broad view of frozen yogurt carbs. As you move toward the bottom of the list, you will see that we have supplied a sampling of some specific frozen yogurt products. This should give you an idea of the carbs in frozen based on various flavors and sizes.

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Photo Credit: shadeofmelon