Cottage Cheese

Discover the benefits and disadvantages of eating cottage cheese. Learn about cottage cheese nutrition, health, and brand information.

Is Cottage Cheese Gluten Free?

Is cottage cheese gluten free? This topic is important to many people, especially over recent years since gluten has come into the spotlight. You cannot go into most grocery stores nowadays without seeing several products labeled as gluten free. While many products are likely labeled as gluten free to capitalize off the gluten free craze, …

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Why Is It Called Cottage Cheese?

cottage cheese history

  Why is it called “cottage cheese”? The logical answer would be that it is cheese made in a cottage. In simple terms, that is true. To dig deeper, “cottage” original referred to a small building for animals or small house called a “cote”. The cottage was a place that dairy products (likely butter) were …

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Is Cottage Cheese Dairy?

cottage cheese dairy

The majority of cottage cheese found in the grocery stores is made from pasteurized cows milk. While it can also be made from goats milk, it is not typically readily available commercially for most people. A dairy product by definition is a product that is made from mammal milk. Cottage cheese is a dairy product since …

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Is Cottage Cheese Paleo?

cottage cheese paleo diet

The goal of the Paleo diet is to eat the way cavemen did in the Stone Age. When we think of cavemen we likely envision  meat, leafy vegetables or plants, seeds, fruits, nuts, and possibly oils like flaxseed or olive oil. You can forget about anything processed like chips, crackers, boxed mac & cheese or pretty …

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Cottage Cheese Brands

Organic Cottage Cheese Brands

Below we have provided a list of cottage cheese brands to make it easy for readers to find their favorite or new brands. The list has links (where available) to the manufacturer’s websites to review product information. We have created a separate list for organic cottage cheese brands. We did not include store brands on the …

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