Cottage Cheese Casein Benefits

Casein in cottage cheese

One of the many benefits of cottage cheese is that it contains high amounts of casein protein. Casein is a protein found in milk with the other being whey. About 80% of cow’s milk contains casein protein with 20% being whey protein. Cottage cheese is almost always commercially manufactured from cow’s milk; therefore,  the main protein in cottage cheese is casein.

Benefits of Cottage Cheese Casein

    • Casein is a slow moving protein because it takes a long time for body absorption. Amino acids are slow released during the absorption process, which can last about 6 to 8 hours. Amino acids are important because of the 20 that process proteins in the body, about 8 (essential amino acids) are not readily available in the body. We have to consume the appropriate foods to obtain the proper nutrition for these 8 amino acids. Amino acids function as building blocks for the body’s  proteins and are responsible for the transfer of vital nutrients.
    • Casein can aid in weight loss because it is such a slowly digested protein. When you consume a food with casein like cottage cheese, the digestive juices will gel together the protein causing it to slowly digest. Casein protein helps you feel full for longer because it sticks in the system for a greater amount of time than other foods. Some may not be tempted to eat as much because their hunger feels satisfied. Many people will eat cottage cheese or casein loaded foods before bed because essential amino acids will be released and the stomach will remain full through the night. Eat cottage cheese before bed and you can say goodbye to your midnight snack run.
    • Casein increases the metabolism because it releases slowly into the body. As casein protein is absorbed over a 6 to 8 period the metabolism is working the entire time. The benefits of an increased metabolism include greater energy, better sleep, and best of all, weight loss.

Cottage cheese casein has many benefits that will help maintain a healthy body. If you are not a fan of cottage cheese or are looking for different option for a casein source, there are casein protein powders available.  Additionally, such foods as  cheese, milk, yogurt, sour cream, half & half, and other foods based from milk will contain casein. Be aware that if you have an allergy to milk, casein many times is the cause of these allergies. It will obviously be in milk products, but may also be hidden in unsuspected food products. It is best to research products you enjoy to ensure  they do not contain casein ingredients.

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