Cottage Cheese Fat Content

Cottage Cheese Fat

The cottage cheese fat content will vary based on the milkfat percentage that is used in manufacturing. Cottage cheese typically comes in four different types of milkfat percentages: fat-free, 1 percent 2 percent, and 4 percent. Naturally, the higher the percentage of milkfat, the higher fat content in cottage cheese.

Ideally, everyone would eat fat-free cottage cheese because it is lower in fat and therefore, lower in calories. However, the truth is that the taste suffers when the fat content is removed. While some people can tolerate or enjoy fat-free cottage cheese, you will notice that your grocery store likely only carries cottage cheese with 1 percent and higher fat content. This is because fat-free just doesn’t sell as much as cottage cheese with notice fat content.


Below we have provided cottage cheese fat content based on the four main cottage cheese types. You will notice a large increase in calories from fat-free to 4 percent (creamed) cottage cheese. If you are concerned about fat content, it is best to find the lowest milkfat cottage cheese that you actually enjoy the taste. There is no sense in eating a particular cottage cheese if it requires you to force it down your throat. Even 4 percent (creamed) cottage cheese has a reasonable amount of calories when you compare it to many other foods of an equivalent serving size. However, remember that the higher the fat, the higher the calories.

Copy of Cottage Cheese Nutrition Facts

Cottage Cheese TypeServing SizeCalories Total FatSaturated Fat CholesterolSodiumCarbohydratesDietary FiberSugars ProteinCalcium
Nonfat, uncreamed, dry, large or small curd1 cup (not packed)104.42 g.245 g 4 g539 mg9.66 g0 g2.68 g15 g125 mg
Low-fat 1%1 cup (not packed)1632.31 g1.45 g9 g918 mg6.15 g 0 g6.15 g28 g138 mg
Low-fat 2%1 cup (not packed)1835.13 g2.79 g27 g696 mg10.76 g0 g9.04 g23.62 g251 mg
Creamed (Large Curd)1 cup (not packed)2069.03 g3.6 g36 g764 mg7.10 g0 g5.61 g23.35 g174 mg
Creamed (Small Curd)1 cup (not packed)2209.68 g3.9 g38 g819 mg7.60 g0 g6 g25.02 g187 mg