Does Country Crock Have Dairy?

Country Crock is one of those brands where some products have dairy and others do not. Since we cannot provide a simple “yes or no” answer to whether Country Crock has dairy, here is an overview of each product explaining if they have dairy ingredients and if they have been tested as being dairy-free.

Is There Dairy in Country Crock?

  • Country Crock Original Spread – This product does not have dairy ingredients. However, it has not been tested in production as being dairy free.
  • Country Crock Light Spread – It does have dairy ingredients.
  • Country Crock Churn Style Spread – There are no dairy ingredients in this product. However, it has not been tested in production as being dairy free.
  • Country Crock Baking Sticks (Salted) – The salted baking sticks have dairy in the form of whey.
  • Country Crock Baking Sticks (Unsalted) – Similar to the salted sticks, the unsalted stick have dairy from the whey used as an ingredient.
  • Country Crock Plant Butter – Country Crock Plant Butter is dairy-free and has been tested in production as being dairy-free. The manufacturer states that its Plant Butter is suitable for vegans.

Final Thoughts

In summary, you should certainly avoid the sticks and light variety of Country Crock if you wish to avoid dairy. Furthermore, none of the products have been tested in production as being dairy-free with the exception of the Plant Butter. Your safest bet for remaining dairy-free is to try the several varieties of Country Crock Plant Butter made with plant-based oils. They are sold in tubs or sticks. As always, be sure to read the product packaging for the latest ingredients.

Image Credit – kiliweb/creative commons – Open Food Facts