Does Culver’s Have Sprinkles?

Yes, Culver’s has sprinkles.

You’ll find sprinkles in the Mix-Ins & Toppings section of the Culver’s menu. As the below snipping from the menu shows, candy sprinkles are listed under the “Chunky” toppings in the right hand column.

What type of sprinkles does Culver’s Use?

You might be thinking they have traditional rainbow sprinkles that are a common ice cream topping for at-home desserts.

However, Culver’s sprinkles are specialized to the colors of the restaurant chain. Yes, Culver’s sprinkles are blue and white to match the company’s colors.

What Can Sprinkles Be Added to?

You can add sprinkles to the various frozen custard desserts sold by Culver’s. This includes concrete mixers, shakes, malts, and scoops.

We were unable to add sprinkles for online orders for Turtle Sundae and Caramel Cashew Sundae. However, you may be able to request that they be added to these items for an order in the restaurant.

Culver’s Sign Image – Arnold Gatilao/flickr