How Many Calories In Cottage Cheese?

low fat cottage cheese calories

The calories in cottage cheese vary based on the milkfat percentage of the product. The higher the milkfat, the higher the calories. For example, if you were to buy a 4 percent milkfat cottage cheese, it would have more calories per serving than a 1 percent cottage cheese. Obviously, fat free would then have the lowest calories.

There are three different types of cottage cheese based om milkfat: regular, lowfat/reduced fat, and nonfat/dry curd. Regular cottage cheese has 4 percent milkfat or greater, but most brands found in grocery stores are around 4 percent milkfat. Lowfat or reduced fat cottage cheese can have 0.5 to 2 percent milkfat. Nonfat or dry curd may have 0.5 percent or less milkfat. You will notice in the store that most brands will have the variety (i.e. reduced fat) along with the milkfat percentage (i.e. 2 percent) located on the label.

low fat cottage cheese calories

How Many Calories In Cottage

To show how many calories are in cottage cheese we have first provide the general nutrition facts from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrient database. We then provided calorie data for some of the popular cottage cheese brands. All serving sizes will be one cup. You will find an approximate 80 calorie difference between the regular 4% milkfat and fat free cottage cheese, based on the brand sample data. The difference is over 100 calories when looking at the USDA data.

Cottage Cheese Calories - USDA Nutrient Database

Serving Size 1 Cup
Cottage Cheese VarietyCalories
Nonfat 104
Regular (Large Curd)206
Regular (Small Curd)220

Cottage Cheese Calories - Brands

Serving Size 1 Cup
Cottage Cheese Brand/VarietyCalories
Borden Regular 4%220
Borden Low Fat 1%160
Borden Fat Free160
Breakstone's Regular 4%220
Breakstone's Lowfat 2%180
Breakstone's Fat Free160
Clover Regular 4%240
Clover Lowfat 2%180
Clover Fat Free160
Crowley Regular 4%240
Crowley Lowfat 1%180
Crowley Nonfat180
Daisy Regular 4%220
Daisy Lowfat 2%180
Dean's Reduced Fat 2%200
Dean's Regular 4%220
Dean's Lowfat 1%180
Dean's Fat Free160
Friendship Dairies California Style 4%240
Friendship Dairies Lowfat 2% (Pot Style)180
Friendship Dairies Lowfat 1%180
Friendship Dairies Nonfat160
Hood Country Style 4%240
Hood Lowfat 1%180
Hood Fat Free160
Horizon Organic Regular 4%240
Horizon Organic Lowfat 2%200
Kalona Super Natural Regular 4%240
Kalona Super Natural Regular 2%160
Lactaid Lowfat 1%160
Nancy's Organic Lowfat 160
Organic Valley Regular 4%220
Organic Valley Lowfat 2%200

While the data above shows a significant calorie difference between fat free and regular 4 percent milkfat, taste does play a factor. After all, you typical want to enjoy a food if you are going to regularly eat it. Hopefully the above information will give you a solid idea of the calories in cottage cheese no matter what variety you enjoy eating.

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