Icelandic Yogurt Brands

Brands of Icelandic Yogurt

Icelandic yogurt has greatly gained in popularity over the previous three years or so. As Icelandic yogurt brands begin to pop up  in grocery stores, we suspected it just a fad that was trying to capitalize on the Greek yogurt craze that emerged about five years ago. We were dead wrong with our fad prediction. If you have ever had one of the brands below, you have probably realized why Icelandic yogurt is here to stay. Many people believe that its thick and creamy texture is superior to Greek yogurt and other types of yogurt.

We have created a list of Icelandic yogurt brands to make it easier for you to find the available products. You will see that the selection is nowhere near that of regular or Greek yogurt. Where we routinely shop there is only Siggi’s and Smari with an enormous amount of other brands. However, while the Icelandic yogurt choices are limited, we found that most manufacturers don’t take shortcuts when making their yogurt – creating superior products to many other types of yogurt.

Please let us know your favorite Icelandic yogurt brand and flavor in the comments below.

Icelandic Yogurt Brands


Type of YogurtFlavors
O% Non-fatraspberry, strawberry, peach, pomegranate & passion fruit, blueberry, orange & ginger, vanilla, mixed berries & acai, plain
2% Low-Fatcoconut, pumpkin& spice, blood orange, strawberry & basil
4%mixed berries, strawberry & rhubarb, fig & lemon zest, plain, vanilla, plain

Smari Organic

Type of YogurtFlavors
0% Non-Fatcoconut, peach, pure, vanilla, blueberry, strawberry
Whole Milk Yogurtblack cherry & chia, key lime, pineapple, new orleans coffee, pure, vanilla,

Viking Icelandic

Type of YogurtFlavors
Non-Fatpure, vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, cucumber mint

Icelandic Provisions

Type of YogurtFlavors
Low-Fat plain, vanilla, strawberry & lingonberry, peach & cloudberry, blueberry & bilberry

Arla skyr

Type of YogurtFlavors
Non-Fat natural, honey, strawberry, apple & lingonberry, mixed berries, sour cherries

President Choice

Type of YogurtFlavors
Non-Fat power fruit, plain, strawberry, vanilla

Hesper Farms

Type of YogurtFlavors
Non-Fat original, blueberry, strawberry, vanilla


Type of YogurtFlavors
Skyrplain, strawberry, vanilla, blueberry

Shepherd Gourmet Dairy

Type of YogurtFlavors
Non-Fatplain, strawberry, vanilla

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