Is Cottage Cheese Low-Carb?

low carb cottage cheese

It is difficult to answer “Is Cottage Cheese Low Carb?” because there is not an official definition that clarifies what exactly is a low-carb food. Regardless, it is hard to argue that cottage cheese isn’t a low-carb food. While it does have some carbohydrates, most varieties have less than 10 grams per one cup. As a benchmark, the Institute of Medicine recommends a minimum of 130 grams of carbohydrates per day. The data below reflects the carbohydrates for various types of cottage cheese. Click here for brand specific carbs for some common brands.

Cottage Cheese Carbohydrates

Cottage Cheese TypeServing SizeCarbohydratesCalories Total FatSaturated Fat CholesterolSodiumDietary FiberSugars Protein
Nonfat, uncreamed, dry, large or small curd1 cup (not packed)9.66 g104.42 g.245 g 4 g539 mg0 g2.68 g15 g
Low-fat 1%1 cup (not packed)6.15 g 1632.31 g1.45 g9 g918 mg0 g6.15 g28 g
Low-fat 2%1 cup (not packed)10.76 g1835.13 g2.79 g27 g696 mg0 g9.04 g23.62 g
Creamed (Large Curd)1 cup (not packed)7.10 g2069.03 g3.6 g36 g764 mg0 g5.61 g23.35 g
Creamed (Small Curd)1 cup (not packed)7.60 g2209.68 g3.9 g38 g819 mg0 g6 g25.02 g
Source: USDA

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