Is Feta Cheese Dairy? (Answered)

Feta is a Greek white cheese that holds a lot of flavor and saltiness. The saltiness of feta comes from the liquid it sits in called brine. Brine is usually made from a mixture of salt and water. Feta is very versatile and goes great on foods like pizzas, salads, vegetables, pasta, omelets, bread, and much more.

However, while feta is a delicious cheese for many, some people have a concern over whether it is a dairy product for personal or health reasons. Other people may just be curious. For whatever the reason, let’s take a look and see if feta cheese is a dairy product.

Is Feta Cheese Dairy?

A food item is categorized as a dairy product if it is made from milk, which includes not only cow’s milk but also milk from other mammals such as goats, sheep, donkeys, camels, yaks, and more.

Feta cheese is traditionally made from sheep and/or goat’s milk but it is also not uncommon to find feta-like products made from cow’s milk. Feta cheese is dairy because it is made from the milk of one or more mammals.

Technically, all cheese is dairy since milk is required as a base ingredient to make it. It doesn’t matter if it is mozzarella, cheddar, gouda, or American. It is all dairy.  

Feta Cheese Alternatives

An alternative to feta cheese that many people use is extra firm tofu that has been brined (added to salted water). Tofu can do a pretty good job of mimicking the crumbly texture of traditional feta cheese.

However, sometimes tofu can be a bit bland. Try this Mock Feta Cheese recipe that adds spices, herbs, vinegar, and oil to make the tofu more appealing to eat. Additionally, you can make your own dairy-free feta. Check out this recipe for Almond Feta Cheese.

Additionally, you can now also purchase dairy-free feta from stores. Follow Your Heart Dairy-Free Crumbles, Trader Joe’s Vegan Fata Crumbles, and Violife Just Like Feta are examples of dairy-free feta you may wish to try if you are avoiding dairy.

Final Thoughts

Feta cheese is considered a dairy product because it is derived from the milk of a mammal. However, there are dairy-free feta options for people who wish not to consume dairy. Whether you choose to enjoy feta cheese as part of your diet is a personal choice, but it is always beneficial to be aware of the ingredients used to make your foods.

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