How Much Sugar In Skim Milk?

Question: Does skim milk have sugar?

Answer: Skim milk is often seen as the healthiest choice among the types of milk. However, recent research has shown that whole milk may actually be better for the body. Regardless of the type of milk you drink, there will always be natural sugar found in it.

The natural sugar in milk is known as lactose. In most cases, plain, white milk does not contain added sugar. The ingredient label will reflect added sugar if it happens to be included in skim milk. The milk sugar (lactose) will not be listed as an ingredient since it is a naturally occurring.

Lactose has become infamous as our awareness about lactose intolerance has increased. People who are lactose intolerant do not have the ability to break down lactose. This is often because they lack sufficient lactase in the body. Lactase is an enzyme that breaks down the lactose into more easily digestible simple sugars known as glucose and galactose.

Generally, natural sugars are not a concern for most people. However, you should be aware of added sugar commonly found in flavored milk. For example, if you compare the nutrition facts of chocolate milk vs white milk, the sugar content typically doubles in the chocolate milk. While flavored milk can entice kids or even adults to drink more milk,  the sugar should be taken into consideration.

How Much Sugar In Skim Milk?

Skim milk contains 12 grams of sugar per one cup.
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