Is Ricotta Cheese Gluten Free?

Every day it seems that more and more people are questioning which foods contain gluten.¬†As we learn more about it, our¬†awareness increases about the potentially harmful side effects of gluten. We are here to answer one specific question related to gluten and that is “Is ricotta cheese gluten free?

Ricotta cheese would have to contain cereal grains in order to be considered a gluten containing food. These grains include wheat (spelt, kamut, farro, durum) barley, rye, bulger, semolina, and triticale.

We have supplied a selection of ricotta cheese products with their ingredients. All of the products below contain gluten-free ingredients. Be aware that ingredients like locust bean gum and carrageenan are stabilizers or thickeners, but they do not contain gluten.

Generally, ricotta cheese is gluten-free. However, most ricotta is made with vinegar. Vinegar contains gluten if it is the malt variety. This type of vinegar uses barley as an ingredient which would make it a gluten-containing product. Additionally, you should be aware of any stabilizers or thickeners present in ricotta cheese. It is possible that these may contain gluten.

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Note that ingredients and product ingredients can change at any moment without notice. Please use the product label or contact the manufacturer for the current and official information on gluten in ricotta cheese products.