Can You Make Scrambled Eggs Without Milk?

Question: Can you make scrambled eggs without milk?

Answer: Yes, indeed. Scrambled eggs do not require milk. In fact, many chefs or cooks do not use milk at all when preparing scrambled eggs.

In our opinion, the best way to make scrambled eggs is to start with two or three freshly cracked eggs in a saucepan. Add about one tablespoon of butter on top of the eggs. Cook the eggs on medium to medium-low heat and not any higher. High heat tends to quickly dry out eggs and may rapidly overcook them.

The key to great scrambled eggs is to keep stirring them with a spatula. This allows them to not dry out as they cook. The constant stirring of the eggs and butter maintains a creamy texture without the need for milk.

As you stir the eggs, be aware of their texture. Remove the eggs from the heat if you notice them drying out. Melt in cheese, if you wish, just prior to the completion of the eggs.  Also, season the eggs with salt and pepper at the end to avoid drying out the eggs from the salt.

The way we described making scrambled eggs without milk is essentially the Gordon Ramsay method in the video below. He does stir in creme fraiche at the end to add to the creaminess, but this step is not necessary. The eggs will maintain their creaminess with the butter and constant stirring alone.

As a healthier alternative, you can eliminate the butter and opt to just spray the pan with a light cooking spray. However, the best flavor comes from using butter, without question.

The biggest challenge is figuring out when to remove the eggs from the heat and when to keep them on. It will likely take you a few rounds of scrambled eggs to get them just right.

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